How the men would run at Chancellor Challenge How the men would run at Chancellor Challenge |

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How the men would run at Chancellor Challenge

by carifinman · 0 comments

_DSC0475Everything is  in place for a big show today at the Carifin games Chancellor Climb. Water, timing, 2 ambulances, PA system and generator, Announcer inside, Volunteers, yes and 9 teams to find out who got what it takes!
Massy Motors would be providing the pace vehicle for the evening as well. O.K we are seeing the rise of Team Guardian which most would consider them to be more of a social team , winning best tent, and Ms. Carifin, but this year have seen them mount some strong attacks, with 3 men in the top 5, and another 2 in the top 10.
Lets just see how much they could put in the top ten for the Chancellor Challenge!
In 2014 Rashad Blenman of team Guardian amassed 14:50.7 to win, with John Donaldson in hot pursuit in 14.58, Jean Marc Deboulet of Sagicor in 15.35 , 3rd and Jedidiah Benjamin of RBC Bank finishing in 15.42  in 4th place. Lets go back a bit. Simon Kelechstein of RBC in 2013 bolted up the hill in 13.54, followed in 2nd place was Rashad Blenman with 15.39 and John Donaldson did an early 16, by finishing in 16.18 for the number 3 spot. Would teamGuardian be running like a team or would they just go and let the best man win? I think it would be much of a cat and mouse game at the beginning, seeing that they already have the measure of the talent in the field, they would have worked out some kind of strategy as how to take the hill. Suffice it to say it would not be easy as that, because Jedidiah Benjamin had a previous favorable hill run of 15.42 and it would be very interesting to see how he build on that performance over the year gone. Bear in mind this has always been an event that John Donaldson have had good performances in and today would be no different. Prepare to see patience, mixed with aggression and timing of moves, as he is out to prove that as the Games comes along he gets better savoring the energy, the grind on the undulating Sevilla mounds (undulating hills), as he maneuver the tights turn and the down flows better than anyone else at this time. To enjoy the meandering of the Sevilla course and bet his luck on it for probably it will be his best showing in the whole Games. Chancellor is a test run to him, and others who enjoy to take part in the whole series. The question buzzing through my mind is how Ryan O’Neil (first timer) at would fare on the hill? Could he transfer his flat surface superiority to uphill running. Understanding the mechanics of good running I think so and it may well another day, another event of the same kind results and performance.
I think there is no one at this time to beat the female runner just with a cursory glance at analyzing the field this could be 3 in a row for her.
See you on the hill
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