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For the past fifteen years, she has graced Trinidad and Tobago with her keen agility in running. What gradually started as just running a 5k, then 10k, half marathon and marathon; so much so that she was chosen to run in Italy with the National Team, also in Barbados, St. Lucia and several other Caribbean islands. Ms. Christine Regis, a Customer Service Representative at Tatil at age fifty-four gained the title of Cross Country champion at the CariFin Games 2016. In all her years of running, Regis proves to be a true and living example that through dedication, commitment and enthusiasm nothing is impossible!

Her participation in the International Marathon which took place in January this year landed her in third position and last year in the same event she placed second. In 2009 she placed first in the CARICOM 10k. These accomplishments were achieved by a desire to improve, through coaching and training and simply because she enjoys running.  Where there is desire, there is perseverance; Regis is a member of a Running Club based in Couva at the Ato Boldon Stadium. It is here that she and the other members of the club get their coaching and training under the wings of coach Tony Hart. Under a training regime that runs from Sunday to Friday on mornings and evenings, she is equipped with the essentials as each day is devoted to some aspect of running; Sunday long run (10 miles and over), Monday cross country (grass and hills), Tuesday Stadium Ato track (speed workout), Wednesday cross training, Thursday speed, Friday running and Saturday rest.

Apart from her rigorous and consistent training and her involvement in most if not all sporting events, Regis just enjoys running. As she puts it, “it is a form of relaxation, while I run I think about work, my commitments and it helps me clear my mind. Running for me helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle, I am able to keep in shape, and I feel light!” In society today a great amount of the workforce live sedentary lifestyles, her words of wisdom to us “Join a club near you!” She did not hesitate to point out that a lot of young people are prone to sickness and diseases through bad eating habits and lack of exercise. Walking in her footsteps however, could for the most part increase the chances of longevity and healthier lifestyles among the working population.

Although last year was her first year participating in the CariFin Games it is definitely not her last. Reserving her vacation from TATIL for the upcoming weeks, it is evident that she intends to participate in all events at CariFin this year and hopefully retain her title. From Torch Relay to Aerobics Burnout she embraces the experience, her competitors and the opportunity to participate in the games among other athletes. It is something that she looks forward to as she gets to interact with others and it will also be a test of her true potential all while having fun and staying fit at the same time. Let the games begin!

Written by Keisha Saunders.

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