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Improve your Running

by carifinman · 0 comments

Improve Your Running is a series of running post done by guest writer Lisa Hernandez. Lisa is a student at Costaat  interning with CariFin Games and we are please to publish her research and write – up.

Want to improve your competitive running edge? Here are the first three things you need to know about running and three benefits of knowing them   


Here is an interesting fact: Running is considered one of the most dangerous sporting activities. I know you are probably thinking seriously? … as a list of many other dangerous sporting activities may be coming to mind. Well based on statistics, when compared to other athletes two (2) out of every three (3) runners are injured every year. That is indeed a significant percentage.

This week we look at the first three basics or foundation for running:-

PFPExhibit 1


We are all grounded to the earth by the force in nature known as gravity. For movement to take place we must off-set this force that keeps us grounded. Unconsciously, we do this every day but, may pay very little attention to or understand the process.

The concept of the “Running Pose” has to do with the whole body vertical alignment of the shoulders, hip, ankles that provides support while standing on the ball of the feet. The body maintains an S shape through the process. Confused? Part A of the picture above beautifully illustrates it. The first movements as you take off in motion, as you start the process of leaning forward into a fall using your feet and gravity.

The Fall

Is simply where you use your feet in landing or changing support as you move forward. (see part B of the picture Exhibit 1)

The Pull

This is where you use your muscles and tendons pulling your foot off the ground to continue to propel you in motion. (see part C of the picture Exhibit 1)

So why is this important?

The average stride is approximately one hundred and sixty five (165) steps per minute. By using the pose method it is possible to increase these steps to some one hundred and eighty (180) per minute. While the length of the stride is important it is by understanding how to increase the fall one increases their speed in the sprint. However, using the pull effectively one can run for longer periods.

The three benefits:

  1. You learn to increase mechanical efficiency of running by up to 50% while reducing oxygen consumption by 20%
  2. Prevent or learn to minimize injury and truly enjoy the sport
  3. And most important you would learn how to run faster and for longer periods

So join me on the journey as we explore the Pose Method of running over the next twelve (12) weeks with tips and fun facts that would facilitate you in increasing your competitive edge in running

Join us on Sat­ur­day morn­ings at 6.00 am for our group run where we show you how to improve your run­ning using Pose Method of Running.

Meet­ing Place: Botanic Gar­dens
Time: 6.00 am

Call: Wayne at 487 9487 or email me

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