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Jeneen Salim – GHL Team Leader

by carifinman · 0 comments

A Brief chat with Jeneen Salim GHL Team leader.
Thoughts about what it takes to make leadership happen in CariFin

On Thursday January 12, during a short chat with GHL team manager Jeneen Salim a lightbulb moment. It just came across to me what it takes to make leadership happen in the sports arena of the financial services sector and CariFin in particular.
On entering the white painted building of GHL at West Shore the obvious serious business outlook from the outside was transformed to a more friendly lobby area by the pleasant receptionist and courteous security officers in the lobby area.
Down came the smiling Janeen with that ray of confidence to greet me and escort me to what turned out to be really fun, exciting and insightful. She was full of understanding of how she wove her magic wand in making a team that started CariFin a day into the activities into a fully confident, enthusiastic, competitive outfit.
For one getting members out to events is important, but also your best talent has to be onboard to ensure your best performances on the given days and especially when it counts on the big day.
Good leadership in CariFin is not just being able to bring out your troops to the Torch Relay and Urban Challenge. It’s in getting them prepared and motivated for other events like cricket, football and All Fours. Also, getting them past Grand Bazaar down to Sevilla Golf Course in Couva for CariFin’s cross country and family fun day.
It’s not just about getting them involved but also ingrained with CariFin’s three watch words – Fun, Fitness and Friendship in a manner that can demonstrate authenticity and spirit from the theme.
So it was no surprise in 2011, when we added Xplosion to the Fun, Fitness and Friendship theme, GHL team membership took to it as a moth to a flame. They literally transformed the opening ceremony to an outstanding spectacle that had everyone’s jaw dropping. They gave a riveting performance portraying their interpretation of the Xplosion of Fun, Fitness and Friendship.
Everything was not fun and games because there weremany challenges to face along the way. Missing the first event meant rallying the team together and bringing them forward with a sense of purpose to compete in the remaining ones.
They rallied on even though they didn’t get full points for the missed day of the Urban Challenge. Not letting it bother them they took part in every other event and showed why they have been one of the great teams since they started participating in CariFin.
Janeen is not a leader that leads from the sidelines but is in the heat of the battle leading from the front. At every event she was there in the mix, warming up with the team, showing them concern, sharing in the laughter, fun and jokes.

Even when the spotlight was focusing on her every move in the opening ceremony, in the final event of the Games at Sevilla Golf Course she showed what real leadership is all about. In that critical moment, when most leaders would find a plausible excuse to duck the main stage and the public glare and say it nicely to let another member shine… She was on the production line ensuring the highest quality output. If it’s to be done right, then sometimes the leader has to be there to ensure the highest quality.
Already she is excited as ever as to how GHL training and participation in CariFin 2012 would unfold as she look forward to a bumper year for team GHL.

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