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Jilleta Landeau – Best Female Athlete of CariFin Games 2016

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Jilleta Landeau – Best Female Athlete of CariFin Games 2016




Who is Jilleta Landeau?

Miss Jilleta Candace Landeua at the age of 35 years has taken part in three CariFin Games thus far.
This year she was titled Best Female Athlete for 2016 and owes it to her past and present efforts. Growing up, Jilleta attended Providence Girls’ Catholic School in Belmont, and St. Joseph’s Convent, both in Port of Spain. Throughout her secondary school life, she was involved in the sport football and from then on she’s had the discipline and determination to exercise and stay fit and healthy.

Her accomplishments thus far for the years 2015 and 2016 at the CariFin Games are as follows:

  • On Wednesday, April 22nd 2015 for the “Savannah 1 Lap” at Queen’s Park Savannah: Jilleta placed 39th with the time 18:44
  • On Wednesday, April 29th 2015 for the “Green Mile” at Inside the Sand Track Queen’s Park Savannah: Jilleta placed 39th with the time 7:23
  • On Wednesday, May 6th 2015 for the “Chancellor Challenge” at Lady Chancellor Road, Queen’s Park Savannah: Jilleta placed 18th with the time 16:18
  • On Sunday, October 25th 2015 for the “UWI Spec International Half Marathon” at UWI St. Augustine Campus: Jilleta placed 415th with the time 2:10:13
  • On Saturday, November 28th 2015 for the “Shine Charity Walk and Run 10K” at Nelson Mandela Park: Jilleta placed 103rd with the time 54:52
  • On Sunday, March 6th 2016 for the “River Raid 10 Mountain Bike and Trail Run” at Samaan Park, Chaguaramas: Jilleta placed 76th with the time 31:26
  • On Wednesday, April 13th 2016 for the “Savannah 1 Lap” at the Queen’s Park Savannah: Jilleta placed 27th with the time 17:01
  • On Wednesday, April 27th 2016 for the “Green Mile” at Inside the Sand Track Queen’s Park Savannah: Jilleta placed 30th with the time 6:44
  • On Wednesday, May 11th 2016 for the “Chancellor Challenge” at Lady Chancellor Road, Queen’s Park Savannah: Jilleta placed 14th with the time 17:39
  • On Sunday, June 5th 2016 for the “Cross Country and Family Day” at Sevilla Golf Course, Caroni: Jilleta placed 2nd with the time 23:39

2016’s “Best Female Athlete” currently works at Guardian Life of the Caribbean as a Junior Accountant in the Finance Department.

In an interview when asked, ”What did you do to prepare for CariFin Games 2016?”  Jilleta responded, “Strength training.”
She continued to explain that she attended Long Circular Club Health and Wellness Gym at Long Circular Mall in St. James three days a week: designating two days to upper body training and the other day to legs. These gym sessions she attended by herself with the assistance of floor trainers, however not actually personal trainers. Other days of the week are spent with a group of like-minded people known as Five Star Fitness Factory; whose mission statement is “manufacturing healthier lifestyles.” They, together, partake in outdoor activities like running, hikes, etc. Jilleta admits that this helped her times improve from last year to this year for CariFin Games’ events.

Apart from CariFin Games, Jilleta participated in a few other health and fitness related events for 2016. True Gains Challenge, Fusion Lite, Hardcore and numerous 5K walks to name a few. Fusion Lite, just to mention one event, was held on April 16th at Uncle Sam’s in Maracus and is hosted by Fusion Adventure Races. It basically entails adventure races where teams experience road running, steep hill ascent, trail running and descending all in one beautiful course. This year, the team called Poison Ivy that Jilleta was part of was the first all female team to participate in the event. They were also the winning team.

Back at CariFin Games, when Jilleta heard her name over the intercom amongst the winning announcements, she was speechless. For the title “Best Female Athlete of 2016”, only one word came to her mind as she walked up to collect her prize, “awesome.” This was her first ever health and fitness related accomplishment on her own; as it’s only been two to three years since she’s been participating in these events.

When asked the question,

“What would you say to a young lady coming into the financial service industry and wants to keep fit?” 

Jilleta responded, “Keep training, and keep at it without giving up. The more you work at it, the more you’ll improve your fitness.”

She even mentioned that she would definitely recommend CariFin Games as a worthwhile venture to that young lady or even anyone in general from the financial service industry in Trinidad and Tobago. Adding,

“Yes, and the more events you do the better you will get at it and the more you’ll improve your fitness.”

Though, when questioned what her personal philosophy was and who she was inspired by and could confidently consider a role model, she couldn’t narrow it down to any one person or thing that could describe her total beliefs. However, from this interview, it is safe to say that she is confident and self-motivated.

With regards to CariFin Games, the event itself, Jilleta appreciates the challenge. She looks forward to the annual event every year since she has started participating and can’t deny that it is very entertaining and worthwhile. As much as she values the event, there isn’t anything she’d change or add as it is “great the way it is now.”

Jilleta Landeau aims to take part in CariFin Games again for 2017.
Currently, she isn’t doing anything to prepare for it as she is on a break from training; no reason was given for the break, but she confirms that she will resume training next year with her previous preparations of attending the gym as in 2016 and working with her Five Star Fitness Factory group to continue heavy running sessions. And yes indeed, she is coming back to defend her title “Best Female Athlete” and this time for 2017.

Final words from Jilleta from this interview, a message to the general public about enjoying life and staying healthy,

“Get up, keep moving, take care of your body and don’t give up!”


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