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Jo-Ann Hem Lee

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Jo-Ann Hem Lee

Despite labelling herself a late bloomer, Jo-Ann Hem Lee boasts a collection of over 170 medals and over 10 trophies – all while having never trained with a club or group.
Six of the trophies in her collection are from CariFin. And, for 2018 thus far, she has already amassed a total of 27 medals to add to her collection.At the age of 46, health concerns pushed her to improve her fitness. She joined a dragon boat team and from there progressed from walking to running.

Hem Lee said her fitness journey has been a rewarding one.

“Call me crazy. I once coerced a small group of friends to run two 5k’s back to back a couple hours apart! Turned out to be crazy fun…!”

She did her first half marathon at age 54, the UWI half marathon.

“Every year I would go support friends at the half (marathon) taking photos etc, and one year one of them shouted out that I should be running too… and the seed was planted!”

The Republic Bank Supervisor who once dreamt of being a teacher said she is grateful for the opportunity CariFin provides to compete in the financial sector and is thankful that the competition allows her to add to her trophy collection.
She said with running now highly competitive, her peers in the banking and financial services sector are afforded the opportunity to get up and prepare in an informal and friendly environment in a wide scope of sporting disciplines.

The winner of the Spirit of the Games Female category attributes her success to consistency in her participation in the Games throughout the course of the year.

“I have no choice but to be always ready. To date I have 27 medals for 2018. At CariFin I just give myself a mental nudge to put out a greater effort as chances of winning are greater!”

Hem Lee said she does her own research online on running strategies that sustain long-term, running not just training for a race, noting that a more detailed running programme is required for half and full marathons.
While she is not sure about completing a full marathon just yet, she said that is left to be seen.

Congratulations to Jo-Ann Hem Lee on her win!


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