Jo Ann Hem Lee Shares her Experience Jo Ann Hem Lee Shares her Experience |

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Jo Ann Hem Lee Shares her Experience

by carifinman · 0 comments



Good evening ladies and gentlemen and a special good evening to the CARIFIN committee members, the representatives of different all employers, fellow participants and those representatives of the sponsors; because without all of us, I guess this would not have happened.

For me CARIFIN…this is my third year participating in the CARIFIN Quest and I already have an interest in fitness and improving my fitness level. So every year it is a great opportunity to work towards your fitness level and towards the CARIFIN Games, but the thing is with CARIFIN, it is just not another event. It is so much fun and it involves so many people that I thing is really outstanding because you get the participation of your colleagues, and then you meet a whole bunch of other people from different institutions, so there is nothing to compare with that.

Another thing is, I have seen CARIFIN grow from the three years I have been involved. The family day for example, I have been to the family day and I didn’t know what to expect, but I have seen for the last year and what makes it even better is Curlissa – I didn’t see her here as yet, she is the CARIFIN Queen, a Republic Bank staffer. So family day to me was the best part of CARIFIN. It’s so inclusive, it’s includes all ages, there are events for kids, for the competitive ones – the cross country, which is a major challenge for me but I always take part because I think it builds commitment and determination in anyone. Because running the golf course and those hills that is not an easy thing for anyone. So I really enjoyed it and it also with more of the competition, the family that’s what adds to it and add value to anyone.

So I have to say CARIFIN for me is the embodiment of their watch words which is FUN, FITNESS and FRIENDSHIP and I would encourage every one of us to invite other people from their offices to participate because it is of great value to us. Thank you.

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