John Donaldson at CariFin 2014 John Donaldson at CariFin 2014 |

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John Donaldson at CariFin 2014

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CariFin 2014

Mr. John Donaldson, winner for a second time in a row of the most prestigious event in CariFin. Representing for his John Donaldsoninstitution ‘First Citizens Bank’, he came through as a force to be reckoned with and made his FCB team proud. A man of much charisma and seems to always be in good form, we had to take the time out to gain an insight on how he does it. Catching up with him, he felt overwhelmed with joy as he was able to retain his title for yet another year. Seemingly always fit, healthy and in good spirits, Donaldson is one of the individuals we continuously look forward to seeing participate in each years’ CariFin events. Stating that he enjoyed every moment of the race as well as the overcast weather on the day of the event, as this made it even more comfortable for him to run. Though being edged out by the first and second finishers at the very end of the savannah race, Donaldson knew he could have done more. Nonetheless he channeled his energy into the ‘Green Mile’ event and realizing that his weakness was sprint training, he knew he had to come up with better strategies if he wanted to get the win. “My understanding that my speed training was my weak point influenced my aggressive start and my successful effort to quickly create a lot of distance between myself and the other frontrunners early in the final event at Sevilla.” said Donaldson.

Continuously focused on the finish, there was no assumption in his mind that he was the winner until he was at least 100 meters of the finish line, as he knew the possibility of another competitor passing him. There is the hope of not losing too much condition as Donaldson states that he continues to have difficulty putting in enough training time. Recognizing the need to work on his speed training and increase the amount of weekly mile, Donaldson is all geared and ready to continuously put in the work to maintain success.

Overall, there was enough satisfaction toward his performances in this years’ CariFin event, and the challenge is on to continue defending his title. With so many new faces coming into the event Donaldson knows that there is indeed much work to be placed in securing a title. His encouragement is for runners to keep running at least three times a week throughout the year and participating in other races besides the CariFin events. He suggested events like the 5K and other events that various organizations may put on throughout the year. It helps with a healthy lifestyle as well to continuously be in fantastic form in ones’ daily life. The CariFin team congratulates Mr. Donaldson and looks forward to seeing more participation from him in the year to come, as we know he has lots to offer.

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