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Just 17 Days to Go!

by carifinman · 0 comments

Just 17 days to Go!

In a little over 2 weeks all participating institutions of the CariFin Games would be heading to Sevilla Golf Course at Couva for the 19th Edition of CariFin’s Cross Country and Family Day.

This 17 day journey before this event is critical. It is critical and crucial to first of all the organizers and the managers of these events to get every things right to innovate and advance the event to a stage where the participants, fans and events are congruent. Where the fun and excitement can crescendo, where we can engage the fans in such a way that their experience of this year’s activities would be something that would last for a long time in their minds.

These 17 days are critical to the participating institutions in making sure they have good and the best representations at the many events of the day. Not only are there the 2 and 3 laps cross country events for males and females of the participating institutions, there are a walking race also which is dedicated only to staff of the participating institutions. These critical 17 days are important in promoting the event in house to getting participants and supporters out in a big way.

But the list of stuff on the family day don’t stop there, think not, because when things kicks on June 06, 2010 the Adult Novelty headline the mornings activity with fun and frivolity taking a new meaning with events that requires 4 to 8 participants in some instances. The idea of the novelty is to engage the fans who are probably not so incline to challenge the Sevilla uneven terrain in other fun ways so we get their participation and involvement. How about participating in find de money or back to front 4 legged race by joining up with 3 of your friends. How about tug of war, could your team make it to the finals? Could you find 4 fast runners in your institution – 2 male and 2 female for the mix relay?

The kids aren’t left out, with a kid’s park with a few new activities added on this year. What new you say. For the first time there is a little Miss and Mr. CariFin and the winners get a trip to Tobago. How about a chess tournament for the kids? These would be added to the computer games, the normal bouncy castle and spinning …. And we have the traditional kid’s novelty games.

Beside the cross country and the walk, there are kids cross country race and fun run for staff and family members. So again it is important not just to promote to staff but make sure it reaches the eyes and ears of the family member.

Could you search your institution for the best dancer male and female to dance to the popular genre of music as you enter them in the “Dance Off” competition.

And to crown off the day’s activity how about finding that one female staff member who could take a shot at being Ms. CariFin 2010. The Ms. CariFin show requires the participants to take part in the events on the day from Novelty to the athletic cross country, do a short aerobics routine and question and answer session.

And these last 17 days is most critical to the cross country participants. First off uneasy is the head who wears the crown. These are the toughest days in terms of mental and physiological focusing and training. The champion got to believe that they going win. There is no other mental position a defender of any of the cross country crowns got to be it runners or walker. The moment you doubt yourself you are out the game, prepare to hand over the title. And another factor that could throw a spoke in the wheel is injury. The champion has to make sure he or she doesn’t sustain any kind of injury in this period. It is so critical

Any number of things could happen like trying to hard at this time to put in the little quality workout and your shin or back gives out or simple thing like spraining and ankle.

To win is not easy and to get you to that place of winning and win seems to be reserved for those who believe.

The challengers are in the envied position where the come in without the glare of the public on them, without the kind of scrutiny that would normally be reserved for the defenders of the title. But it is hard work anyway so make up your mind to give it your best shot. You got to be in it to be in it. This is your chance to surprise the champion and have your day of glory in the sun.

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