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Let the Joy Out

by carifinman · 0 comments



Letting the Joy Out!

Winning is one thing, but letting your joy out is another. Usain Bolt, Roger Miller – the Cameroon footballer, does it and quite a few others and if you remember Mohammed Ali was the ‘greatest’. Also our own Nikosi Mc Leish the only 5 time cross country winner has that victory sign or that pointed finger after winning each event.

A lot of winners never reach that stage where they let their joy out; show how they feel, their uniqueness, their signature post race celebration move. They just cross the finishing line.

Ryan O’Neal winner of the 1 Lap savannah 2015 did something that seems a little unique as part of his victory celebration, after the one lap savannah. Those little hop and jump at the end thing!

Definitely it was some form of post race celebration, victory dance, obviously he was letting the joy out. It was so much more fun to look at rather than the static, unemotional cross of the finish line.

Let me remind you winning is special and some people choose special ways to celebrate. Some not only celebrate on a secular level, but some seem to connect on a celestial plane giving thanks to the creator for giving them the strength, energy, stamina, opportunity and guidance to achieve same.

You work hard, you won, you should celebrate – whichever way you like. Just let the joy out. All bottled and bubbling up inside of you, you have come to the end of a journey, you cross the finish line, the road may have been rugged, you may had some trials and challenges along the way, but you did it… Now Celebrate! In your own unique, innate, your own styled way.

Congrats Ryan, we hope you continue in your winning ways, and let your joy out. Celebrate as we will also celebrate with you!

The CariFin mantra is all about Fun, Fitness and Friendship….. Lets celebrate!

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