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Like an Olympian

by carifinman · 0 comments

Looking at the Winter Olympics since it began I’ve been in awe and shock by these world class athletes. It’s not only the incredible skills they possess that I’m in awe of but the sheer dedication to their sport, the intensity of their focus, the willingness to challenge themselves, the commitment to their rigorous training schedules, their ability to recover from a disappointing performance as well as their ability to envision their dreams of achieving an Olympic medal manifest into reality that’s been so inspiring to watch.

When I take a look at these qualities and characteristics that these athletes share these are the necessary ingredients needed not just at the Olympics but for anyone wanting to achieve success in anything in life.

Think about the person who is struggling with weight problems, does he or she not requires those same qualities that the Olympic athlete display to win the war on fat. Does he or she doesn’t have to display the same inner strength and focus to stay away from unhealthy food and fight the temptation to over eat?

To many of us we are called upon to demonstrate that strength of character and show the kind of resolve necessary to come back from injury or some illness or accident. Faith is a big word here, to reach out and believe in the unbelievable sometimes, when nothing seems to work when even close friends say other wise.

We at CariFin want you the participants in CariFin to know it has been a conception, a marketing point to sell CariFin as fun and that would never change, but for 2010 I want you to apply the quality of the Olympian.
That combination of dreaming, of motivating yourself daily, that strong focus to keep on track with your stated goal. Be it what ever it is. If it is just to improve in one area over last year. If it to lose that extra weight … If it is to introduce more of your colleagues to the Games, if it just to beat that nemesis of yours who had beaten you every time you both participated..

To all of you, these are our Olympics, these are our World Games this is the stage among our peers our local fans, our detractors even, to go out there and be our best and to prove them wrong and set new marks.

This is the 19th Edition of the CariFin Games that is schedule to start in a little under 50 days and I want it to be the year that you train like an Olympian that you come out with that sense of purpose without fear and make your mark upon CariFin 2010.

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