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Looking for a theme

by carifinman · 0 comments

CariFin 2012 Update

Last year we used “The Xplosion of Fun, Fitness and Friendship” as our theme. That worked well for those who paid attention to it. The question of a theme for this year faces us. With all of the complexities of the event I am offering: “ The Connection of Fun, Fitness & Friendship”

With the event problems we see in the event and trying to come up with a fix I am offering the theme – “The Connection of Fun, Fitness & Friendship” My reason being there seems to be a disconnect between the Torch Run, Urban Challenge, Cricket, Football and All Fours and the Family Day.

The urban challenge attracts media coverage quite easily. Over the last five years the television sports news broadcast has gained us a lot of popularity. With such media attention some of the hard working team leaders are able to easily attract their members to participate in the Urban Challenge.

The Urban Challenge with both walking and running categories, doesn’t offer cash but it has a wide prize structure catering for the many categories with prizes like hampers and trophies. Still, there exists this disconnect by which a large percentage of participants… they sometimes don’t see the need to go any further. The event that feels the brunt of this disconnect is the Family Day or the last event.

The purpose of the “Connection” is to try and connect the experience/hype from the Urban Challenge and somehow transmit it to Sevilla. Hence we can truly realize the CariFin Games concept in full effect. More than that, it’s connecting Fun, Fit- ness and Friendship over all the events of the Games.

What are we trying to connect? …. First the seven events of the Games. As Anthony Lemaitre suggested we should refit, starting by dropping the name of the Urban Challenge and going with the individual names of the events. Probably award overall points to a maximum 100 and drawing up some rules for general participation that would connect the events in a meaningful way. So, a team must participate in all the events to garner points. (Something to think about). The Family Day name seems to want to fall by way of the axe, as it does not fit into the Games concept.

The main emphasis is for us to have a better connect within the Games to be more objective about some of the things we do and starting with a theme and working it in from the start could be a good way to find that “Connect” and make that connection.

Hence the suggested theme – “The Connection of Fun, Fitness and Friendship”

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