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Male Champion Aerobics – Stephan Thomas

by carifinman · 0 comments

For Many, Aerobics Is An Activity For Women.

Male Aerobics 2016But two-time CariFin aerobics champion Stephan Thomas is breaking this stereotype and showcasing his love for the sport and hoping to encourage other men to get involved.
Thomas earned the top spot in the aerobics event at both the 2015 and 2016 CariFin Games, as a representative for Republic Bank Ltd (RBL).
And this year he will be returning to defend his title.

Thomas said he won by pure luck in 2015 as just as he was about to drop out, the other remaining competitor dropped out before him.
In 2016, he said better preparation and practice allowed him to take home the first place prize again.
For him, aerobics is simply a great exercise which helps a person to develop proper balance and rhythm.
And he is not bothered by the perception that it appeals mostly to women.

 I’ve never seen it as a thing for females only, so getting involved in it was like second nature to me,” Thomas said during an interview.

In fact, he said, he has been involved in aerobics since the age of 14 and into sports sine age 5.
“I love aerobics and spin class,” he said.
Thomas has been spreading his love for aerobics to the men around him and noted more and more males are getting involved.
“My trainers are male, my brother is involved, some of my partners…I actually got them involved in it,” he said.
He added that the biggest problem for men was developing the “timing” or co-ordination needed for such a fast paced activity.
“Men tend to say they don’t have the timing. That is the biggest issue for men with regards to doing aerobics. They may not have the timing or co-ordination.”
But once you practice regularly, and get into it, he said it becomes easy.

The benefits of aerobics is also tremendous, Thomas said.
“It is high cardio and it also increases your rhythm, timing and co-ordination. And it is a good way to build your fitness level.”
Having competed under an RBL banner, Thomas said RBL continues to recognize and celebrate his CariFin achievements.
The bank proudly displayed his trophies, he added.

Apart from the aerobics event, Thomas also participated in and placed 5th in the cross country race last year.
In 2017, he plans to attempt the race again and hopes to improve on his time.
He also plans to participate in the savannah run.
On the CariFin Games in general, Thomas said it is a great initiative to promote healthy lifestyles as well as comingling among persons in the financial sector.
He suggested the Games could expand to include sports like football and cricket as well as track & field and sprinting events.

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