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Marcus Turpin – Personality of the Month

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CariFin Personality of the Month – Marcus Turpin

Ever since CariFin was set in motion in CBTT in 1991, its vision was to encourage the staff of the participating institutions to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle. It was to provide lifestyle and nutritional information as well as mentorship that would develop and nurture individuals to adopt or learn a life skill that would last them a life time.

CariFin is always on the look out for individuals that exemplify these qualities in order to highlight, praise and showcase them as well as to provide an avenue for them to tell their story.

Leading up to CariFin, we try to find and feature one of these people every month.

Our CariFin personality of the month is a member of staff of the Central Bank and a man who embodies all these virtues and more. We are pleased to interview him to share his story with all of us.

CariFin E-news: How long have you been exercising?
Marcus Turpin
: I would say about 7 to 8 years now.

CEN: What lead you to adopt this lifestyle?
MT: I guess the desire to look better and feel better about myself.

CEN: What in your junior years would have lead or influence you along the way to choose a path of exercise.
MT: My mother was my biggest influence. She was an avid member of the gym and “keep fit” classes and a subscriber to fitness and bodybuilding magazines. So exercise and weight training was very much “in my face” while growing up.

CEN: What year did you enter the bank and how has working here affected or made it better for you to continue along your path to fitness.
MT: I joined the bank in October 2003. Even back then I was committed to exercise and attended a gym on Wrightson Road. The refurbishment of the gym in the Bank made it more attractive, convenient and cost effective for me to continue with my exercise regime.

CEN: What is present training regimen?
MT: At least 20 minutes of cardio and an hour weight training, 3 times a week.

CEN: Do you take part in any competitive events?
MT: No. I’m not the competitive type.

CEN: What are the major motivating factors in you continuing training consistently and regularly?
MT: Over the years, I have grown addicted to exercising; therefore motivation is no longer needed.

CEN: What is your present fitness goal?
MT: I have always wanted to gain an additional 10lbs of muscle. In order to achieve that, I would have to start taking protein supplements and shakes. Unfortunately, that lifestyle is a bit expensive, so I think I’ll stick to simply maintaining my current weight and fitness level.

CEN: How has the refurbished gym ay CBTT enhance your fitness experience
MT: As I said before, the gym at the Bank is great. It makes it easier for me to do what I already feel passionate about.

CEN: What would you say are the benefits at this stage for you to continue to keep the drive to personal fitness?
MT: I enjoy the feeling of vibrancy and vitality that I get from exercising.

CEN: Have you ever encourage anyone to adopt a more active healthy lifestyle through your personal involvement.
MT: I always encourage people around me to join the gym and start exercising. I also encourage them to surf the internet, read the literature that’s available on the various fitness websites and find an exercise program that fits their lifestyle…information is at their finger tips and it’s free!

CEN: As someone who has been involved in fitness for a while what advice would you give to the other CBTT staffers to come on board?
MT: Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! It’s the recipe for a long and healthy life.

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