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Mc Leish credits year round training

by carifinman · 0 comments

Nikosi credits year round training for his progress in CariFin.

It’s not magic, it’s no difficult formula, it’s a simple mantra, “Just do it!”
Put on a jersey, running short and go out and train”. With this clear uncluttered way forward, it’s a simple road to running success for Nikosi Mc Leish. It’s the difference between him and next guy in CariFin. By making it so simple, a rule to follow the complexities and excuses to make the first step out the door is handled. It’s just the other motivational aspect that is needed for the actual workout and there is where a coach comes in, there is where Team Evolution Distance Project and coach Richard Jones comes in to make the workout matter, to put quality and quantity if needed into a day’s program.

Mc Leish is now more confident and self assured because it’s not an off and on relationship he has with running. It’s not a “three months” before CariFin thing.

It’s being there and dealing with whatever issues that may pop up, from the physical injury or the psychological aspect of fear and doubt.

Mc Leish is sharp and analytical in his approach to running, finding some of the best resources on the internet. He checks out the latest running results, looks at the races on youtube and other sites, follows his favorite runners, checks out their exploits (His Facebook middle name is Martin Lel)and he keeps himself motivated.

He’s into running tech gadgets and on a run, you may sure to see him with his Garmin sports watch – GPS-enabled personal trainer, wireless heart rate monitor, multisport, high-sensitivity receiver, courses feature, for advanced workouts.

Probably this is the appropriate time for some of us to take stock of ourselves and see how implementing or adopting a few of Mc Leish’s ideas as we develop into better runners or fitness enthusiast. It’s no point wondering in the wilderness of mediocrity and border line performance when a simple consistent approach may do wonders to turn your fitness life around into a more meaningful adventure.

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