Mc Leish Delivers, D’arbasie and Harrikissoon Doubles, and Mc Knight Shines. Mc Leish Delivers, D'arbasie and Harrikissoon Doubles, and Mc Knight Shines. |

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Mc Leish Delivers, D’arbasie and Harrikissoon Doubles, and Mc Knight Shines.

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Mc Leish is the first person to win 5 times

NikosiFinishlineThe atmosphere in CariFin Games was tense and exciting as well on Sunday May 26, 2013 as the best runners and walkers in the financial sector came together to see who was the best in the CariFin Universe. At 4.00 p.m. when the athletic events started the big draw on the day card was to see if the returning Mc Leish after 2 years away from the cross country event because of injury still has the touch to dominate the field as he used to. “I’m here, I’m pumped, I’m ready to Run!” was the battle cry of Mc Leish before he toed the line. The unbeaten male runner of the series so far Simon Kalechstein was confident as well, “I would be going out hard as I could and see how it goes.”

When the race started Kalechstein went into the lead and held off the charging Mc Leich until by the bridge. Mc Leish lead after that, bringing it home in 28.44. He gave thanks all the way, “Father I thank you for the ability to run and be victorious again.” Simon Kalechstein did 29.06 and was quite pleased with the events of the day and said, “The course at Sevilla was in great condition, and it was great to have all the crowd support cheering on the #1 and #2 finish by RBC!”

Wendy D’arbasie continued her dominance on the field with a 26.39 1st place performance, ensuring her 2ndWendyFinishLine reign on the female cross-country title. Thus making her unbeaten during the 4 running events in the Games. “I set my mind to improve on my performance from last year and hoped it would be good enough to capture the coveted title again.” Catherine Stewart of Bank of Jamaica placed 2nd in 30.20 and Narissa Lezama of CBTT took 3rd in 30.58

The walking event went first and Ornella Knights of CBTT had no major competition on the course as the favorite to win the race, Bank of Jamaica Catherine Stewart failed to start because she was not sure the fun walk was the cross country and stay out. She had this to say after doing the race, “Having placed first in the final event was a great feeling of accomplishment and pride and also a feeling of progression as I have placed second in the three events leading up to the final.”

In 2nd place was the Chancelor Challenge winner Cherylin Cadogon of RBC in 22.29 and 3rd place went to Mellicia Valdez of Republic Bank with a 22.43 time.

“I felt extraordinary good bout winning my 2nd cross country title, as I won all 4 events again.” The male cross country walk went to Harrikissoon as he won all 4 walking events he did a time of 20.07. for the 4th time.
The 2nd and 3rd place respectively went to Barry Mitchell of CBTT in 20.31 and Terrance Worrel of Republic Bank in 20.40.
Jonah Camps won the fun run in 13.08 and Laurie Prescott finished in 19.13 for the female.

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