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Ms Carifin Fitness 2015

by Afeisha Williams · 0 comments

ms-CariFin2015Written by Keila Fraser

Beauty pageants are about the glitz and the glamour. The contestants must look good, feel good and win the crowd with their stage presence. Ms. Carifin takes it to a whole new level. It wants contestants to not just look good and feel good, it needs them to show us what they are made of.

The participants are judged in these categories:

  1. Dance Routine (3 mins)
  2. Question
  3. Aerobics
  4. Participation

The Ms CariFin competition commences with a formal introduction of each participant. The contestant are required to lead in their team’s three minute dance routine. This is followed by an aerobic workout for which the contestant’s fitness level, endurance and routines are scored. The contestant’s are then scored in the question and  answer segment  where they are scored on poise, charm and confidence. Each participant must have taken part in anyone of the Urban Challenges (One Lap Savannah, Green Mile & Chancellor Challenge).  They are required to participate in one of the Cross Country Events (Fun Walk, Fun Run or Cross Country Run).

Sharda Siewsankar encompassed all of these qualities and was crowned Ms Carifin Fitness 2014. She triumphed over the competition in 2014 and took the crown for JMMB. We caught up with the reigning Ms Carifin Fitness to find out what she thought of her time as the Queen.

She was delighted to have carried the title for the year. She expressed her enjoyment and excitement having won the title of Ms Carifin Fitness 2014. She described it as a dream come through.

Sharda extended an invitation to the young ladies of the financial services sector who live a healthy and active lifestyle. They must be able to subscribe to the Carifin motto of Fun, Fitness and Friendship.

If you think are the whole package then represent your team for this year’s Ms Carifin Fitness Competition. You never know if you could be crowned Ms Carifin Fitness 2015.

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