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Ms. Sagicor 2013

by carifinman · 0 comments

Who am I?

KristyMy name is Kristy Comissiong and I am thirty one years of age. I am a Group Risk Administrator at Sagicor Life Inc., where I have worked for the last seven years. I must thank the members of the Sagicor Sports Club for taking an interest in getting the company to take part in the Carifin events this year as this opportunity before me would not have been possible.

What prompted my interest in fitness and health?

About nine years ago at twenty three years of age, I casually stood on a scale and I did not like the results. I was some 55 pounds overweight and had a BMI that ranged between overweight and obese. To me I worked hard and studied hard and was on the road to accomplishing greater things career wise but suddenly I realized that I could not do this if I neglected myself and my health.

I then started to make changes to my lifestyle and I am happy to say that to this day I have not looked back. The road is a tough one because as a lifestyle change, circumstances derail your best efforts and there are so many stress factors that can affect your exercise, self inspiration and your eating habits. Physical limitations have also challenged me severely; however I believe that once you have the will, you are sure to find the way.

I currently enjoy outdoor activities and indulge in some form of exercise every single day. For cardio I vary my workouts which consist of running, spin, aerobics and zumba. I also enjoy weight training 3-4 times a week.

Today I see life differently and I see my strength and fitness increase. I have also been able to influence those around me to make subtle changes so that they too can enjoy a healthier, fitter self.


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