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Get Ready for the Green Mile

by carifinman · 0 comments

The Green Mile – Get the Heads Up


The Green Mile is a very unique and special event for us it is literally the only event I ran in that gave me that real feeling of highly structure racing. What do I mean by that, you see I used to run at track meets at the National Stadium and at Palo Seco etc. And doing mile repeats and 800 meters/1 mile was a standard fare in our training diet. You know that feeling when you toe that line with your buddies to run a mile repeat, it is totally different from say going for a lap around the savannah. It’s more intense, you are more focus and you are more performance driven.

Same thing in a stadium race for junior or senior championship or some other international meet that you get invited for. Everyone in the stadium looking at you, friends and family and there is the red Mondo track with 8 lanes and you know you there for 1 thing and that is to run, whatever distance you came out there to run.

The green Mile course around the Sand Track is not your well-manicured golf course or running track, you need to get that out of the way, in true cross country fashion there are areas that are uneven under the feet, the runners who have that touch and could maintain their balance would thrive over these parts no problem. then there is the traditional strong headwind coming down the back stretch that requires strength and high levels of focus and concentration to negotiate or you would start to lose ground. And another piece of running skill would come into play is negotiating the curves, those who can lean into the curve and still propel themselves or maintain their speed would do well, as this would set you up well for that final kick through to the finish line.

Nikosi Mc Keilsh

In the mile, there isn’t much room for mistakes and bad days, if you encounter any of that your goose would be cooked because by that time the other runners would be gone or the race ended. So from a performance aspect the mile maybe the most intense of the 4 running events.


I remember Nikosi Mc Kleish before he set the 4.57 for that event in 2010 calling me to find out what was the fastest time so far for this event because he wanted to go after it or post the fastest time ever for the event. This race could get some of the top guys really nervous and have them pay particular attention to a number of things as they come into this event. Wendy D’arbasie has the fastest times recorded for a female in this event in 2013, she completed the sand track course in 6:46.

Calling everyone who have registered and those still contemplating to get registered don’t miss probably the most exciting race in the 4-part series, its definitely the one with the most exciting finish over the years and this year should be no different.

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