Neil Juman shares his CariFin Experience Neil Juman shares his CariFin Experience |

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Neil Juman shares his CariFin Experience

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neil2A pleasant good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Today, I decided to be here this afternoon to share my experiences with CARIFIN Games 2015. I must say CARIFIN Games have been a rewarding experience for me. The fun and excitement of all the events was an exhilarating experience, the opportunity to interact with peers from the other financial institutions and building on my fitness level, has improved my thinking and striving to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Every year I look forward to this amazing adventure and not just from the competitive aspect, but the passion and joy that these games bring. The crowd support, the inspiration from my fellow colleagues, motivational pep-talks on and off the field and the team spirit that guides your body and mind to strive for excellence no matter what position you may the events.

You must get a taste of CARIFIN every year, you will love it. The CARIFIN Games have made me propel through every year and most important, keep fit and healthy. I enjoy competing in all event, especially the family fun day and cross country events. It gives me the opportunity to witness and enjoy the great fun families have and see the joy on the kids’ faces.

The atmosphere is one of free spirit, love and happiness. The Games no doubt that it impact positively on all of us and instils that inner strength of determination and courage – just to share with you based on my wonderful experience in the CARIFIN 2015 over the years.

What CARIFIN means to me and by extension to all of us; it is just a small acronym I developed, CARIFIN the –

C stands for comradery and competitive free spirit in all of us.

A – Achieving our personal goals and

R – Realising your true potential out there

I – Igniting the passion within you to be the best you can

F – Fitness forever

I – Invoking fun and well-being on and off the field

N – Naturally bringing and building relationships of all team members

On behalf of the First Citizens Family, I want to congratulate everyone who took part in the games and the persons that made all this possible and I wish you all continued success. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at CARFIN 2016. May God bless you all. Thank you.


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