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‘OCE’ The Mascot

by carifinman · 0 comments

CariFin Mascott

The CariFin Games event mascot is called ‘OCE’ and it represents that idea of fitness for us. It represents that idea of fitness for us showing that balance, agility, springiness, that enjoyment of movement.

In this modern world of technology with all it gadgets for convenience, a high level of sedentary lifestyle is the norm. When most of us get up in the morning we sit at tables to have breakfast, we sit in vehicles to commute to our work place, from the vehicles we ride the elevators to our office, sit at our desk for a great percentage of the day and then reverse the action to return home. At home we may sit on the sofa and watch television. We are found in this sedentary / deskbound position most of the time where we are in this 90% position.

When the time comes for us to move efficiently, walk long distances, run fast or even squat low to remove something from the ground, our movement is compromised, defaulting back to that 90-degree deskbound position we are in for most of the day. Some have become hunched over from spending long hours behind the computer.

The ocelot has to hunt for its food to survive, and that requires chasing its prey down with its beautiful flowing running movement.

That reminds us as human we need to strive for that continued human independence, that will allow us to take care of ourselves longer than having to rely on others to assist us to move as we age.

We need to harness that efficient human movement, and maybe the most beautiful thing to behold is – a man, woman or child in action, moving effortlessly, in full flight, running, flowing across a field.

This is the message of ‘OCE’ our mascot, when we sit, walk, and run. We must emphasize proper posture that would help us cultivate, more efficient, fluid human movement, which is lost so quickly in this mechanize, gadget centric world.

Walk more, run more, sit up straight, tighten your core and exercise daily. Take personal responsibility for your health and fitness.

‘OCE’ say so!




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