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On to the Torch Relay

by carifinman · 0 comments

#ASharedPurposeHey everyone this a good time for us to show that shared purpose as we journey into the first event the torch relay today.

CariFin Games exist for one purpose and one purpose only,  that is, the promotion of health and fitness and encouraging personal responsibility to maintaining one’s own health, friendly rivalry and camaraderie. Closer connections, and building friendship within the financial services sector.

We know that these values are at the heart of everything we do, but we are interested in creating that shared purpose between our team and the consumers/participants we serve.

The shared purpose is that connection between our team and the customer we serve. How we are going to interact and help them understand that created value. We need to find these points of connection and see how we can contribute.

I hope we take the opportunity to hear from each other at the torch relay, why they participate, what makes them attend these games, as we try to connect and have them contribute to value creation in the event.

Your purpose at the games is to connect with the customer, find out how his/her training is coming along, dig down as to the emotions that make him participate so we can create those values and better serve them. Finding out what our customers are like and work with that spirit to provide value for them. We as a team once we understand our vision and mission, we would be motivated to create a high level of value for our customers, but we would be stronger and more productive if we have a shared purpose with our customers/participants.

So  have a great 1st event and meet and connect with our customers,  as we return to achieve a higher level of performance in the team.

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