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Pick de Winner

by carifinman · 0 comments

Pick De Female Winner!


Mumtaz Amarali

What does Mumtaz Amarali of RBL winning the 2nd urban Challenge – Green Mile means?

This is just my take on Mumtaz Amarali winning the 2nd event and what it means in the scheme of things.

Winning this event guarantees her one point so her new tally is five points up from the four points she got from placing 4th in the One Lap Savannah.

As for Esla Anthony she received one point from the Queen’s Park Savannahfor winning that event and two points for her 2nd place finish from the Green Mile amounting to 3 points overall.


Esla Anthony

If Mumtaz continues her winning ways with a win on the Chancellor Hill Challenge and receives another point to give her a 6 points overall, however, if Esla Anthony wins she would have 4 points. But there are other players in the game, namely Salisha Julien of RBTT who placed 2nd in the One lap Savannah, and 3rd in the Green Mile. Crystal Ann Awai last year’s winner of the Chancellor Hill Challenge cannot be written off as a worthy contender though finishing in 6th place in the mile. Angel Barkley of Republic Bank has been consistent finishing 4th in the mile Candice Rollocks who finished 5th place in both the One Lap Savannah and the mile and does look stronger going for the hills.

At the end of this potpourri of scenarios Mumtaz could capture another victory, as she did last year by just staying in contention with her 3rd place finishing in most of the running events and throwing everything into the ring for the aerobics burnout which is her pet event she managed to pulled off the big win by capturing the Urban challenge, as she amassed the most points in all four events. This year Mumtaz Amarali has improved immensely because previously she has never won any running events and this shows a lot of character.

The window is wide open here and it could swing on any side depending on who could put on a good showing on the day.

If you are a betting man or woman who do you think would win on Wednesday on de hill, and while you are at it try to forecast the aerobics winner as well as the overall Urban Challenge champion.

Pick de winner!

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