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Rasheeda Ann Moncada

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Rasheeda Ann Moncada

An Unmatched Double Hat-trick…

Rasheeda2-2For the past twenty-three years, CariFin Games has served as a playground and platform for incredible athleticism, camaraderie and celebration. The Games has allowed many athletes to express their talents in various forms; it has given them an opportunity to grow and develop within the world of sports and be recognized for their efforts. CariFin Games has also provided an outlet for these athletes to be heard

CariFin Games wishes to recognize and remember these individuals and their notable feats as they were discovered, nurtured and allowed to blossom as everyone observed with smiles, applause and pride. To kick off this series of recognition, it is with pleasure that we commence with non-other than, Rasheeda Ann Moncada (formerly Mohammed) an athlete who ruled her era fearlessly

Rasheeda Ann Moncada remains the only participant in the history of the event to capture three consecutive Carifin Cross Country Run titles and four consecutive Carifin Cross Country RaceWalk titles. These two major races are held within fifteen minutes of each other testing the mettle of many eager athletes who attempt to attain this prestigious double victory each year. Ms. Moncada secured her double victories for three years in a row which, thus far, has remained an unmatched double hat-trick. A unique accomplishment that emphasizes the versatility and brawn of this athlete.

Ms. Moncada also dominated the CariFin Urban Challenge then known as the 4-Part Fitness Challenge when it debuted in 2001. She displayed her range of skill and fitness by winning all four legs of the event; the Botanic Gardens Mini Cross Country, the Queens Park Savannah One-Lap (2.2 Miles in an impressive 14:02 minutes), the 400m sprint and the Aerobics Marathon. A feat she repeated in 2002. In this year she took her eventual departure from our financial services sector.

A remarkable athlete who no doubt had set herself above her competition by her unquestionably distinguished performance. She had that drive to excel with a clear focus and a sense of destiny when it came to her sport. Along with the excellent guidance, support and encouragement of Nickolas Day, her coach; a phenomenal and reputable athlete who attained numerous notable wins at Carifin Cross Country himself, she had a much decorated athletic career with CariFin as well as in the Caribbean Region.Rasheeda2-2

She was the pride of the institution she represented at the time; Eastern Credit Union Co-Operative Society Ltd. and the envy of every female competitor who would have preferred to taste of the glory she attained. She also created a dent in the ego of some male RaceWalkers. But, hard work, consistency and self confidence separated her from her competition. An athlete with a unique sense of style; she always made a strong fashion statement on and off the course. She was a darling of the media.

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