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RBL Hattrick at All Fours

by carifinman · 0 comments

RBL All Fours – Hat Trick

CariFin Games All Fours Tournament lived up to its expectations as being one of the most livid and super exciting events on the CariFin sporting calendar, as RBL took a crack at CariFin’s history to have them documented as the most dominant All Fours playing team within the financial services sector.

Things started to heat up on Saturday, May 20th at the Central Bank from 1.00 p.m. as 7 teams assembled in an air of excitement and expectation to settle once and for the rest of 2017, who was the most dominant All Fours team in the financial services sector. This being the 7th event on a schedule of 10 CariFin Games activities, some of the top teams and players tried to masked their uneasiness and tension as they entered the Central Bank doors with a smile of friendliness and calm on their faces, but just waiting for the pack to cut to get on with the show. A whole year has passed and the CariFin All Fours space needed to established supremacy and dominance for yet another year.  According to the winning RBL captain, Vernon Gonsalves, “The competition is always of a high standard and sometimes the cards just go our way; we have some experience people and then every year it becomes harder and harder for us to win.”   Winning is never easy and no one said it is, but along the way the defending 2016 champions had a scare in the finals on the table with ANSA Financial Services.

ANSA Financial Services played with April Lewis and Simone Kelly; their opponents were Vernon Gonsalves and Kijana King from RBL.  Banter, picong, noise and positioning was the order of the day as Lewis let all and sundry know, and Gonsalves in particular, she ‘eh fraid nobody’.

She had the crowd going with her lyrics and antics as if to take Gonzales to the edge, as it may have been (her plan) reported to her.   He resisted for a long time focusing on his game and keeping a straight face and having everyone guessing when he would respond, and it was a while before he did.  It may have started when she said he had to ask permission to cut the pack of cards, part of her banter that had the crowd eating out of her hands, part of her act that included singing, dancing and other gestures to the roaring response and participation of the crowd.  The DJ played sounds like ‘woman is boss’ and ‘buss head’ by Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin which provided cinder for the banter flames.

All the while Gonsalves had to sit and endure the taunts and fierce glances going back and forth between them. It seems as though Gonzales was playing in a losing contest.  Many times it appeared as though Gonsalves wanted to distract Lewis as he got up off his seat and went to the neighbouring table with his other RBL team mates to attempt to quell a misunderstanding which was taking place.   After his interjection, Gonsalves seemed not to be satisfied and attempted to bring the game to an abrupt end by instructing his team to leave, telling them “let’s go”. A few minutes later, better judgement prevailed and all the RBL teams continued with the game, with Gonzales making a substitution of his partner Kijana King for another player.

It was counter and anti-counter moves from both players.  Lewis more visual and loud while Gonzales was more subtle and calculated.  Tantalizing music from the DJ and a crowd hanging on to every bit of banter while singing and dancing with exciting gestures and attempted walk outs, and many other theatrics that had the audience guessing what next, it was mass celebration when Gonsalves was beaten maybe for the first time in this tournament which is over 10 years old.

After tasting victory in this game which presumed to be the hardest for ANSA Financial Services, with post celebration they went for the jugular of the other 2 RBL teams. It came down to the final game on the last table to establish the winner, where clearly ANSA was the underdog and was enjoying the sympathy and support of the crowd as the proverbial small axe tried to cut down the big tree.   RBL being the more experienced of the 2 remained calm under pressure and won their final game and the tournament, for yet another year making it 3 in a row and establishing the hat trick.

When the final RBL team won the encounter with ANSA Financial Services, Gonsalves had the last laugh and celebrated as he announced to one and all, that they can’t beat RBL and some serious banter follow in true All Fours champion style.

ANSA Financial Services burst into celebration for their 2nd place achievement, a vast improvement from 5th in 2016 and only their 2nd year in these Games, as they celebrated April Lewis and Simone Kelly for winning their game in the final and their overall 2nd placing.  “I am very happy with the results, said Catherine Rocke – ANSA Financial Services team captain, I think it was a good game, we did very well but it was unfortunate that a little mistake cost us the 1st place spot, I am very proud of my team.



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