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Re-Focussing Your Goals

by carifinman · 0 comments

It’s time to work a little harder, be more focused and develop greater self-awareness!

Do you remember your New Year’s resolution from January – neither do I!
In fact, I don’t really believe in tying goals to one day on the calendar…
However, you can’t deny that there’s something about September and the re-opening of school  that feels like a “second chance.” The start of a new school term seems like an overall time for re-focusing, re-committing, and “re-fusing our goals.”
How opportune – what a better time to work a little harder, be more focused and develop greater self-awareness as we enter the last quarter of 2018. I am summoning you here – to revisit your goals and reassess where you want to go and what you want to achieve this year. There is still time to reconnect and re-adjust your work and fitness goals.

With UWI half marathon on the horizon, CariFin Games around the corner and a slew of 5 and 10Ks on the local and regional calendar, it may well be the time to improve our game and push the envelope in terms of developing our skill and fully committing to a training programme / regimen that will take us on the path of success.
Or this might just be the time to join a team to feed off the motivation and positive vibes, as together you push to reach your running and fitness goals for the rest of 2018.
For those of you in CariFin, now is the time to focus on one or some of the various titles in CariFin Games. Why not commit, get more competitive and shine in the CariFin ecosystem for 2019… so, on Prize Distribution day you can walk away with some coveted prizes. Here’s your opportunity to improve your skills, enhance your ability and claim more personal achievement and admiration from the community, as well as gain valuable points for your institution.
So, let’s do this…

So get your department, branch or institution going, start some small group or in-house training …..
September here we come!

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