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by carifinman · 0 comments


The year 2015 is officially over, but that doesn’t mean all the good times that were experienced has to be forgotten or lost to the New Year. The year 2016 maybe still new, but it is a great opportunity to get ready for CARIFIN 2016 Games and to do so, we have to reminisce a little bit.

When I say let’s reminisce, I want you to remember the fun, excitement, laughter and even tears that have been shed for all participants or attendees of the CARIFIN Games over its 25 years in existence.  I have been lucky enough to be a major player in CARIFIN’s quarter century history and with the advent of technological advances since 1990, such as the social media sites – Facebook, YouTube, Flicker etc. – I have been able to rekindle the memories and RELIVE the raw emotions displayed by the competitors and supporters. From reviewing the official and amateur photos and videos, each moment is captured and forever frozen in time for 25 more years to come.

I have been able to experience both sides of the CARIFIN Games – either as a competitor or official – and I witnessed many examples of the embodiment of the CARIFIN theme of FUN, FITNESS & FRIENDSHIP over the years. The joys of being a part of a competing sporting team, allows persons to display another side of themselves besides their professional persona. They are able to rally behind their Company’s team, make new friends and cheer on and motivate the seasoned athletes.  During each year, different chapters in the history of the CARIFIN Games are being written and the content for fascinating stories are being forged by participants and supporters of the various teams.  Many people will remember the positive and triumphant times, but the struggles and defeated are also to be remembered, since we can gain strength and learn lessons from the failure and how to overcome.

One of the core values of CARIFIN is FRIENDSHIP and for many teams, friendships are formed and different personalities come together all to achieve one unified goal – to win the gold for their company.  Each person who proudly wears their company colours, either as a competitor or support all have one mission in mind – to bring glory and honour along with the trophies home to their organisation. Persons who may be shy in the office have shocked their co-workers by becoming a different person as they try to fulfil their dreams and be all that they can be.  Personalities have been defined and leaders have been forged from the sweat and tears or muscle spasms all to achieve the unified visions to win for their company.

I have witnessed persons who are not only competing for the company or fame and their 30 second TV spot in the news, but they are competing for that awesome feeling of personal accomplishments. Camaraderie is also developed amongst co-workers or friends who have been training together and motivating each other to move in harmony so that no man/woman is left behind. During the games, there are many examples of the genuine support, loyal friendship and unwavering motivation. The genuine excitement, passion and energy of the celebrations are felt when everyone has successfully completed a race. This feeling is very infectious and awe-inspiring.  No one enters a race to come second, as everyone participates in hopes of taking home the gold.

Now you must be wondering, why I am telling you this…I am sharing my own memories and feelings of the CARIFIN Games because, I want you to RELIVE the games, RELIVE the joys and struggles so we can all RELIVE the FUN. I have been able to get former and current participants and winners to share their own experiences and memories of their journey with CARIFIN, to become a part of the ‘Relive the 2015 CARIFIN Games Journey Series’.  The 2015 Spirit of the Games winner, JoAnn Hem Lee from Republic Bank Limited, has been given the honour of being the first participant to share her CARIFIN experiences. From her contribution, I know we would all enjoy and understand what drives her to be successful when she shares her memories and experiences so we all can RELIVE her CARIFIN journey. We all will see how we all can embody the elements the FUN, FRIENDSHIP and FITNESS from the Games.

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