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Republic Bank Overall Champions

by carifinman · 0 comments


   Congratulations to Team RBL on winning The CariFin Games 2016 Champion Cup. They were able to garner the most points over the two month period.

TropyThe points are in from all the events, they are all tallied. And rising to the top is Team Republic Bank. In other words, Team RBL is the winner of The CariFin Games spanking brand new “Champion Cup”.

The Champion Cup was launched to celebrate or commemorate 25 years of promotion of health and fitness within the financial services sector.

    It was a torrid season with Team RBL coming out a little lackluster at the start in the Torch Relay but they gained and maintained a momentum to the end. First and Third in the male runners for the 1 Lap Savannah was in the RBL blue colours. And, only a return of the legendary Hazel Tywang Maharaj, could have prevented or distorted their ambition of a clean sweep in the female walk. Fortunately for RBL, Tywang-Maharaj was injured out and did not return for the season.  The males did not dominate the walking category as the females did by placing in the top 3, but they were featured in the age – grouping. Wendy D’arbasie of CBTT returned in the female running category and shattered the hope of aspiring female runners only to see win the 1 Lap and not return because of injury. With the biggest contingent or team to date ever entering The CariFin Games, RBL had a lot of potentials to choose from. Some 450 participants wearing the RBL blue generated an awesome presence.

   In 2016, team RBL had the kind of strike performers to nail the positions from event to event to event. Never failing after each event, they hogged the highlights. The green mile followed and it was more of the same. In the male run and the female walk RBL totally dominated the top positions. In the male walking, there was no stopping five time champion, Deodath Harrikissoon of First Citizens, from claiming his 5th straight win overall in the Games.

   But it wasn’t only in athletics that RBL shone and dominated as they laid claim on other titles that kept them constantly pushing ahead. They captured the Male Aerobics Title, All Fours Title and the Ms. CariFin. These were among the titles they secured in their 2016 title tally.

Congratulations again to the Victorious Team RBL.


Torch Relay281 331 248 254218 236 206 221217258
1 Lap180 238 223 222148 393 235 104 122 115
Green Mile 55100 84 95 32 100 51 35 55 48
C/Challenge 57.5 90 88 63 26 75 63 56 41 76
Family Day 170 195185 175120 205 000195
1, 2, 3 Point Placement 35 135 100 1750 26535354045
Overall A/Group 56 51 28 460 69 3381224
Total Points 834.501,1409561,0305441,343593489487761
Placement 5th2nd4th3rd8th1st 7th9th10th6th

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