Sagicor Retains with Oliver; Republic’s Thomas does the 3peat Sagicor Retains with Oliver; Republic's Thomas does the 3peat |

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Sagicor Retains with Oliver; Republic’s Thomas does the 3peat

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Sagicor Retains with Oliver; Republic’s Thomas does the 3peat

The Central Bank Plaza was completely transformed into a sporting arena for the 2017 CariFin Games Aerobics Burnout with synthesize rocking sounds and instructors making full use of the stage as if on high octane. The Plaza was packed with excited, screaming, flag waving fans, sweaty bodies moving to the hypnotic sounds being pumped through the speakers.

CariFin fans erupted with delight and excitement at the CariFin Aerobics Burnout 2017 which was held at the Central Bank Plaza on Wednesday May 03, 2017 at 5.30 p.m. The annual competition had fans enthralled and screaming from the word go, as over 100 participants representing 10 participating institutions from the financial services sector came together to determine who is the fittest and best exponents of the aerobics genre within the financial sector. The Aerobics Burnout is the 5th activity on the 10 event card in the 26th Edition of the Games.

Though two-time winner of the event Adona Joseph was unable to hold on to the aerobics crown for a 3rd straight year, coming from Sagicor’s camp was Cherisse Oliver who rose to the occasion and lit up the competition with her personal style and flavor that made her visibly entertaining to watch as well as being in favor with the judges’ score sheet.  Ms. Oliver reaction after winning the CariFin Aerobics Burnout was, “I feel very accomplished, according to most people I been exercising since in my mother’s womb and so I feel very accomplished, exercise has always been a part of my life!”

Among all the male competitors on the floor, Stephan Thomas looked most confident and in control with the instructions from the stage, the musical rhythm and timing. He was the 8th overall in a woman dominated event but was definitely a cut above the rest in the male category. Before coming to today’s aerobics burnout, he reminded himself, “I have to come good today and make the hat trick, it was evident that self motivation worked, I came out with the intention and that is what I accomplished.”

To choose the winner of the CariFin Aerobics event was no easy job, the final three on the floor were all women two former winners and the present winner were the last three standing. Falomi Marcano a triple crown winner of First Citizens, Adona Joseph, two-time winner and Cherisse Oliver both representing Sagicor.

The tension was rising as well as excitement for this faceoff. The instructors decided to hit the floor in a bid to select the winner. After 3 minutes on the floor, chinks started to show in the the 2016 champion armor, as Joseph couldn’t complete the push-up and her positioning was off for the execution of the exercise and she was warned with the yellow paddle. Continuing on the floor she encountered more difficulty and the red paddle came out and she was out of the competition. It was down to a two person battle and the floor was difficult for former three-time aerobics winner Falomi Marcano as well, it came down to a squat contest and Falomi wasn’t going as low as Cherisse, then to jumping on the spot, they kick in some aerobics moves but the damage was already done and the red flag came out for Falomi. As Falomi conceded defeat the celebration erupted for Cherisse and Sagicor, as she was lifted into the air by an eager fan; jumping, prancing, chanting, singing and flag waving continued. First Citizen camp started their own celebration next to Sagicor’s for their representative multiple winner Falomi Marcano.  The revelry went on for quite a while but the CariFin Media Team was standing by capturing the winner’s story with photos and video interviews amidst the celebration.
It took 1hour and 10 minutes to decide the winner of the CariFin Games 2017 Aerobics Burnout competition.

In the male category Republic Bank got two persons in the top three,  the overall winner male Stephan Thomas and 3rd place finisher – Peter St. Clair. In 2nd place was Guardian Group’s Alafia Whiskey.

Likewise Sagicor capture 1st and 3rd positions (Cherisse Oliver & Adona Joseph) with First Citizens taking 2nd place with Falomi Marcano.

Top 3 female and male winners in the CariFin Games Aerobics Burnout 2017.

Top 3 Female

1.      Cherisse Oliver- Sagicor

2.     Falomi Marcano – First Citizens

3.     Adona Joseph – Sagicor

Top 3 male

1.     Stephan Thomas – Republic Bank

2.     Alafia Whiskey – Guardian Group

3.     Peter St. Clair – Republic Bank

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