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Sharda Siewsankar

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Sharda Siewsankar, the new winner of the 2014 Miss CariFin competition. Coming out with spunk, style, vibrancy and class to represent her institution Inter-Commercial Bank Limited Chaguanas, Sharda showed that she was a force to be reckoned with. In the beginning she believed that she was inexperience to be a participant in a competition such as the Ms CariFin competition, however; with much support from her IBL team and many others, she gave it all she had. For a person that entered the competition for the first time, she really did showcase more confidence and a comfortable nature toward the competition. Sharda stated that she was chosen to represent her institution through a submission process. All persons who were interested were expected to submit their names and then given a chance to represent themselves, from there the most enthusiastic of them all was chosen by the committee. Not knowing that this was the start of greater things to come as she entered the competition.

One of her memorable performances came from the dance routine put on by her and some of her team members of IBL. When asked what their strategies were in delivering, Sharda stated that it was constant practice, consistency and dedication. The first step was staying back late after work to practice,  then there were times the entire team had to come out on weekends; not knowing if they would win, but to go out, have fun and enjoy every minute of the experience. The goal was to practice, practice, practice, then perfect it into making everything seemed flawless. Things had to be done right and in order to come out on top; it called for dedication and precision.

Sharda attended numerous CariFin events leading up to the day of the competition; she was present at the Torch relay, the One Lap Savanna, the Green Mile, the Chancellor Challenge, cricket, football and the cross country family day. This showed great attributes of a potential Miss CariFin contestant, being in the mix and wanting to be a part of everything, gaining more knowledge and wisdom on what CariFin is all about.  Her purpose wasn’t to be noticed, but to challenge and better herself as compared to her previous times. Also, encouragement from her co-workers to make their attendance to every event a team building exercise, while encouraging stronger bonds and a family unit between the management and staff of IBL.

From the get go Sharda wasn’t confident that she was going to win, however; she was confident in making sure that she enjoyed every moment as a participant. Stating that she always left room for the unknown, as overconfidence can lead to one’s downfall; she just crossed her fingers and hoped for the best.  Another contributing factor that helped her win was the fact that she had want for nothing. Everything that was needed was provided by the management of IBL to ensure that her focus was maintained. All costumes, a venue to practice and transport was readily available when the need aroused, all that was left for her to do was deliver a great performance.

Being the winner of this year’s Ms. CariFin competition, Sharda felt that it wasn’t just her as an individual that won, but the entire IBL team as she brought the crown home for her IBL family. Exercise for Sharda is a stress reliever, it takes her mind off

IBL Team for Ms CariFin 2014

IBL Team for Ms CariFin 2014

the hectic events of her day and it is her routine when she gets home from work. As a big advocate for healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle, her wish is to see many people get involved in promoting and understanding what healthy lifestyle is about. Greater emphasis and encouragement needs to be placed in reminding people that their health is their wealth and in order to live longer lives they need to eat healthy and be more active. Her hope is that one day CariFin goes outside of just representing for financial institutions, since many people are quite unaware of what CariFin does. Her aim is to be an example for young women who wishes to participate in the event and who are vying to participate in the next Miss CariFin competition.

Sharda at the Savannah

Sending out hearty congratulations to all her other fellow contestants, Sharda stated that they all did a great job andthe competition was stiff. Even though all could not have taken home the title, she believed that every participant made their team extremely proud. Continuation of thanks went out to her entire IBL team, also all management and staff, her family, friends, her choreographer Stephanie Craig-Blackman and everyone who showered support in any way. Also, she is happy for the contribution that the CariFin organization is making toward helping individuals choose a healthy path and doing so by making it a fun and exciting initiative. CariFin team congratulates the 2014 Ms CariFin Sharda Siewsankar and we are all looking forward to what 2015 has to offer. It indeed promises to be bigger and better as the years go by.

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