12 weeks

12 Weeks to go!

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Hi everyone we are at that critical 12 week stretch or point approaching UWI SPEC half marathon. The 13.1 beautiful mile of the UWI flat and fast course.

Being part of CariFin Team in training, you are required to pay attention to training by following our program. This program is not based on running and more running and the accumulation of mileage. It takes a sensible approach to develop running skills as well as strength in key running muscle areas. So after 2 to 3 weeks your running should improve in some very noticeable way?

You would only improve if you stick with the plan and believe in the plan. Dr. Gloudon said year before in her speech for the launch of UWI half at First Citizens corporate centre, that running is not a happenstance, but a science.

All over the world more and more runners are turning to science to help improve their running and reduce their injury.

But in Trinidad you see so much injury among our runners and people who have been running for years aren’t getting any faster.

In this program we would be paying attention to proper posture in running, as describe in the video on the blog and this other article on proper running.

You can expect data on nutrition and diet.

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Right now we are hitting it hard at training with 2 day in the week – Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays.

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