15 reasons

15 Top Reasons Why YOU Should Try CariFin CrossFit Challenge


This year, CariFin Games introduces its first CrossFit event – the “CariFin CrossFit Challenge.” Since it’s new, some of you in the financial sector are probably still undecided about signing up. To help you make up your minds, here are 15 good reasons to register for the Challenge:

1. Trying the it is the only way you’ll know if you have what it takes. It’s an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and test your endurance.

2. It’s an opportunity to discover things about yourself, such as your fitness level, your endurance and your determination.

3. It’s a chance to start off on a new path to a new challenge. Empower yourself and take charge of your health and fitness.

4. Up the ante, take it up another notch, show what you’ve got.

5. Learn new fitness jargon, words like WOD – workout of the day, Find new skills like clean and jerk, muscle ups and double under.

6. Others will watch you with envy after five weeks in the sport of Crossfit, wondering what you are doing to look so good!

7. Get to compare yourself to the best athletes in the CariFin universe.

8. Do you have what it takes? When you sign up you would find out.

9. More sweaty clothes to wash.

10. This is your opportunity set yourself apart, train hard, grab bragging rights.

11. You want to compete, you want to get better!

12. It is fun to go up against the other institutions, it is fun to see where you place alongside other athletes.

13. You’ll get that adrenaline rush that athletes love.

14. It’s a chance to engage in healthy competition with others.

15. You would feel better because you have tried.



Do you have what it takes? When you sign up you would find out!