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Games Update

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Hi everyone, just letting you know that the action has started. We had our 1st meeting and the teams are on board. Coming back for 2017 are RBL, RBC, JMMB Group, Scotiabank, First Citizens, Unit Trust, CBTT, Guardian Group, Sagicor and TATIL Financial Group.

However, we are awaiting responses from a few other teams.

First on the list of things to deal with is the registration process. We are working on the Race Roster and a meeting is planned for early next week to deal with some of the things that can make the experience of registering for the games flow more smoothly.

We are looking at the 1st of April for the Torch Relay, a move from the 25th of March that we first envisioned.

So we are off and ready to meet with the volunteers and teams to put the games together. So if you want to volunteer to play a part in 2017 games, please contact us at: admin@funfitnessfriendship.com

In the subject line — “CariFin Games 2017″