The top 5 male runners in CariFin 2009

These are my picks for the top 5 male CariFin runners for 2009.

Number one: Nikosi Mc Leish would definitely take first spot after winning all the running events of the Urban Challenge and retaining the number one spot for the 3rd consecutive year at Sevilla cross country race.
Nikosi is definitely my choice for top CariFin performer of the year.
Along the way:
TTUTA – 10K – 40.09
RBTT – 5K champion 2009.
One hour and thirty minutes in UWI half marathon and 2nd place overall in the group.
Thirty eight minutes in EPOS 10K and top performer in the group.
Thirty eight minutes for Run Barbados 10K
And he was part of the winning RBTT BANK team in the corporate relay for the Run Barbados.  With a report card like that what else could be asked for.

Dominant, positive and self assured.

Number two: Gilford Mornix is my choice for second place in the CariFin top 5 performers for 2009.|
He placed 4th in the One Lap savannah, 3rd in the Green Mile, 3rd in Chancellor Challenge and the male winner at the CariFin Urban Burnout.

My main reason for choosing or selecting Gilford for 2nd place among the top performers in CariFin 2009 is because of the tenacity, courage and confidence he showed, also the level of consistency from the start of the Urban Challenge to the CariFin cross country at Sevilla golf course where he was able to move up to a 2nd place finish on the big day.
But we also appreciate the encouragement, support and mentoring that Gilford offers the younger runners not necessarily his own team mates from GHL. Jean Marc De Boulet of First Citizens was in high praise of Gilford for his advice, support and encouragement that he offered to the young first timer in the event, where he even sacrifice his position so that Jean Marc benefited.

Number three: Ian Gibbs of GHL would take the 3rd spot in my opinion. He placed 5th in the One Lap savannah, then moved up to 4th place as John Donaldson of Grace Kennedy was injured out of the Urban Challenge after placing 2nd in the One Lap Savannah. He maintained that 4th position for the Chancellor Challenge but was called early in the Aerobics Burnout.

He was impressive at cross country at Sevilla when edge out John Donaldson at the finish to move up one place higher to 3rd spot on the big day. It showed he worked hard and he had what it takes to go out there and do what is necessary without fear.
Number four: The new kid on the block Jean Marc De Boulet comes to the forefront, he burst on the scene in the One Lap Savannah with a 3rd place finish. With John Donaldson not factoring in the results he occupied 2nd place in the green Mile and Chancellor challenge. In the Burnout he did quite well finishing in the top 5.
At the cross country at Sevilla Jean Marc entering for the first time at this uneven course came in at 4th place just behind all the more experience runners. He showed the quality and a lot of promise… hopefully he can deliver in 2010 as he promised.

Number Five: John Donaldson of Grace Kennedy – 2009 started great for John with 2nd place behind Nikosi Mc Leish in the first CariFin race of the season – The One Lap Savannah. Everyone looking forward to him stepping up the gas… at least maintaining his silver position, and probably down the road improving his speed and stamina for a grand showing at Sevilla. But that was not to be… come the greatly anticipated Green Mile and his hamstring had other ideas which didn’t include taking him around the inside of the sand track. It crashed on him taking him down in agony… to the sideline as a spectator was his prominent position for the rest or the Urban Challenge. So he crashed out the Urban Challenge, hoping his hamstring would heal for the Sevilla cross country contest.

Low and behold his hamstring did heal…. Some wobbliness, unstableness… he felt but was not sufficient not to discount him from the Sevilla affair. In the end he had a close encounter between himself and Ian Gibbs of GHL, just being edged out from the 4th position.
He went on to post the 3rd fastest time of the CariFin team in Training for UWI with a time of 1.40.
For these reasons he is my pick for 5th position in the CariFin top five runners of the year.