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Well here it is… The last CariFin newsletter of 2011.
It’s crazy how fast this year flew by, isn’t it?

Luckily, we get a fresh start next week. We get
a brand new year to say this is going to be my
best and show my best performance year yet and then actually
go out and make it true!

2012 will be the year of setting massive goals
that seem almost unattainable and then doing
everything you possibly can to go out and
make them happen.

2012 will be the year the excuses disappear and
massive action take over. You know you are
capable of doing what’s necessary to make this
coming year the most successful year of your
life. Health, Wealth, Love… Whatever it is,
you know the power to get whatever you want
is in you and this is the year you’re going to
prove it!

I’m not always doing exactly what I know I
need to be doing when I need to be doing it.
I know that… But it doesn’t matter. This is the
year that I get everything done that I’ve been
saying I’m going to do for years.

I wish everyone a safe and fun New Year.

But be ready! 2012 is the year you get the things
done to get everything you ever wanted out of life!