2015 female cross country winner

Christine Villafana

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Profile of the 2015 Female Walk Winner

As a first time Villafanaparticipant when I entered the race all I wanted was to have fun, placing first was not on my mind. However upon starting the race I quickly became motivated at the fitness and pace of Deodath Harrikissoon who seemed like a professional.
I observed his technique and although I may not have had the exact rhythm and ability I made strides hoping to either pass him or stay closely behind. By doing that I was able to break away from the other competitors and gain an advantage. I kept that pace throughout the course. Every now and then I adjusted my pace to a faster rhythm  to ensure I stayed in the lead of most if not all .
There was one instance I felt like giving up but I kept reminding myself that I was doing too well to quit. The course seemed never ending and my legs were aching, but my fellow competitors were persistent. This gave me the extra push I needed. I believe I was well abled because generally I am fit due to my continuous dancing, treks to the gym, and my involvement in my favorite sport netball. This would have no doubt prepared me for such a feat.
After learning I dethroned the 3 time fun walk winner, I felt nothing short of victorious!! I hope to participate next year and build a streak for myself.