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The Burnout Regulars: The evening’s competition went well; this was the best and most exciting Aerobic Burnout we ever saw.

mumfal The large crowd at the Central Bank Plaza got more than they bargained for at the CariFin Games Aerobics Burnout on Wednesday May 15, 2013. After nearly an hour of competition it came down to the present two-time reigning champion squaring off with former multi-time champion Mumtaz Amarali to decide who would wear the crown for the fittest person in the CariFin universe. Falomi Marcano got the better of Amarali in an exciting and tense duel that settled the issue.

After winning three Carifin Burnout titles in a row the champion, Falomi Marcano, said “I love aerobics, just say aerobics and I am there, the support today from friends and family was great, they all said they were rooting for me.”

“It was great, this was one thing I really wanted…I really love aerobics; to finish on top for me is a good accomplishment” keironHsaid Keiron Hart of First Citizens – winner of the male category. “It felt good to have the support of the men as well as the women in this competition.

The improved quality of the competition this year was not just with former champ Mumtaz Amarali returning and giving Marcano a run for her money. Both the third and fourth place finishers Adona Joseph of Sagicor and Janeal James of GHL both have a background in dancing. This added some extra flair and elegance to the competition, which seemed to give them that little edge over the remaining field. Janeal James was ecstatic when she said, “I do everything from folk, jazz, modern contemporary, ballet, hip hop, tap, you just name it, I do it. Everything was just fun.”

Adona Joseph who also has a dance background said, “The energy that you need to put on a performance is the same or even more.”

CariFin Games shifts gears. Our next events are the All Fours, Cricket and Football to take place at Republic Bank sports facilities in Barataria on Saturday May 18, 2013 from 9.00 am.

Male Aerobics Winners



Kieron Hart

First Citizens



Stephen Hart




Daniel James




Elton Scott





Overall Aerobics Winners



Falomi Marcano

First Citizens



Mumtaz Amarali            

Republic Bank



Adona Joseph




Janeal James




Keiron Hart

First Citizens



Krystle Gomez




Narissa Lezama




Gillian lynch

First Citizens



Melissa Saldenah




Joanna Del Peno



Many observers feel: It is no easy task, as the pack would be gunning for her; three might be a bit much!

 falomi-MarcanoCariFin Games participants are eager for the Aerobics Burnout which is scheduled to take place on Wednesday May 15, 2013 at Central Bank Plaza from 5.00 pm. Many of the participants will be putting out their best performance to see if they can stop the winning streak of First Citizens’ two time event winner Falomi Marcano from taking it to a three-peat . All the participants had a whole year to work on their game and it would be interesting to see if they could withhold the flair, style and versatility of the winner – Marcano.
According to Lenwyn Headley overall judge of the CariFin Aerobics Burnout. ”I am very enthusiastic about the level of excitement in Wednesday’s burnout and feel Marcano could very well retain the title.”

Janeal James

According to last year’s 2nd place finisher Kereem Hislop of First Citizens, “Yes I am feeling the excitement but I am not in the same fit condition as last year but I will be putting my best foot forward.” as he shared his feelings about this year’s competition.

The level of competition looks higher and stiffer as first timer in the competition, Adona Joseph of Sagicor says, “I am a bit nervous… but I have always liked aerobics and I came out of a folk dancing background, aerobics is the only avenue right now I have to express my passion for dance. What makes it easy for me I do aerobics after work at Sagicor when I am not attending classes.

Enter a Ms. CariFin contestant – Janeal James of GHL and she is as confident as ever, “I have a background as a dancer and aerobics is all about coordination and having fun, I am hoping to be the last person standing.”

So get your choice position on the Plaza for a full view of the action as these and other top contenders from 10 competing institution vie for the fittest person title in the Carifin universe.

Agricultural Development Bank, Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, CITI, First Citizens Bank Limited, Guardian Holdings Limited, Intercommercial Bank Limited, RBC Bank Limited, RBL, Sagicor Financial Inc and ScotiaBank.

 Next for Carifin Games is Cricket, Football and All Fours at Republic Bank sports facilities in Barataria starting from 10.00 am on Saturday May 18, 2013.





After some 50 minutes in a field of 65 participants Falomi Marcano of First Citizens was declared the winner of CariFin Aerobics Burnout 2011. This took place at the Central Bank Plaza, Eric Williams Plaza, on Wednesday May 04, 2011 at 5.15 p.m. This was the last warm-up/pre-events which was preceded by three running events and are the opening events of the CariFin Games 2011. These served to help the participants gauge their performance by stoking that natural desire within us humans to compete.

The competition was full of energy and excitement that had scores of onlookers riveted to the moves of the competitors on the floor. The teams of were well represented on the floor with the competitors looking smart in their uniforms, with differing colours and logos, moving in and out to the pulsating beat of the music.

Instructor after instructor took turns leading the competitors through their paces. After a 10 minutes warm –up it was business as usual. There was a steady flow from the judges area to the floor by the runners who carrying warning signs of green, yellow and red. Needless to say they judiciously gave warnings to the participants.

After three warnings, green, yellow and red in that order, you are out! You take your exit by going to the stats desk to indicate the time you left the floor. The action on the floor was fast paced, with all eyes on the instructors as contestants tried to keep in sync with what was happening. . Try as some did, a lot didn’t get it, as is the nature of this aerobics. You need to have some training and experience under your belt to be familiar with the steps and movements.

After 30 minutes most of the men were eliminated and some of the females with little actual experience in the activity of aerobics. A few got so frustrated that they eliminated themselves by walking off.

Such is the drama of the aerobics competition. The music could be going this way and you’re fighting to keep with it, because you don’t have the timing right. To compound matters the genre of music keeps changing, together with instructors.

The combination of the top notch and experienced exponents of the sport of aerobics moving to every beat of the music and every movement of the instructor is awesome. You get a total synergy and beauty of movement. Add this to some who are looking for their timing along the way and you have a show on your hands, one that is hard to beat after a hard day at the office. The onlookers had a treat as some reported that they haven’t missed this event in as much as over 10 years as it is something they just have to see.

By now the numbers having dwindled to six or seven heightens the excitement and attention. Everyone on the floor is a favorite. The Central Bank staff members really got into it from the actual word go. Annmarie Thomas-Clarke pulled out two or maybe three brown coloured placards with white colour wording – “Go Central Bank Go!” On one of them and “We are on home ground” On the other and walking all over the place with them held high. Then another section of CBTT staffers started to chant, jump, shout and clap for their favorite- Ayanna George.They probably tasted blood as CBTT copped the first place last year. George represented a chance that a repeat could occur and they throw that CBTT fervor and passion into it.

It was now down to three, Riana Harrinauth of Republic Bank, Ayanna George of Central Bank and Falomi Marcano of First Citizens. The music was at a rapid fire pace and the instructors were going ballistic as their mission is to try and have the competitors make the minuscule of infractions or tire in the smallest degree. First to fade was Riana Harrinauth of Republic Bank, who got a third warning and had to walk. At the same time taking the third place with her… leaving Ayanna George of Central Bank and Falomi Marcano of First Citizens to fight it out for second and first place. The audibility and visibility of the CBTT fans were boisterous by now with shouts of go Central Bank Go! The brown placard was carried as high as it could go and video and phone camera were shooting nonstop as CBTT thought they had it for two years in a row. If that had happened, they would ah mash up the place.

The frenzy on the floor continued as George and Marcano tried to outdo each other. Then one of the runners was seen coming with a red paddle warning sign and shows it to George. You could have heard an agonized, audible gasp as something seemed to stick in the CBTT fan group’s throats. Then a wave of applause rises across the Plaza celebrating Falomi Marcano of First Citizens as the winner of CariFin Aerobics Burnout 2011.