Aerobics Champion 2017

Cherisse Oliver Representing Team Sagicor 2017

I am an advocate for health and wellness. Participating and winning the title for the fittest person in the financial industry 2017 was in the Aerobic Burn out was fulfilling and unexpected since I competing against myself. After this event, staff and agents will always tell me that they felt so proud seeing me on television and in the newspapers and that they are motivated to achieve an active lifestyle and perhaps participate in Carifin 2018.

It was a pleasure to be part of a venture which promoted fitness organizations, particularly in the fast-paced sector of the financial industry. I believe that focus/investment in the wellbeing of the human resource of a company goes hand in hand with employee commitment and productivity within an organization. My experience in representing Ms. Sagicor for the Ms. Carifin pageant will always be a memorable one because it was the first time that Sagicor had ever participated in MS Carifin Pageant.

Moreover, encouraging staff and family to turn out and support on Sunday 28th May 2017. I was able to inspire and motivate staff of varying fitness levels to participate in the dance routine. This was reflected in Sagicor having the highest of participants in the dance routine. We were able to sharpen our time management skills given our commitments at work as well with family and friends.

During every rehearsal, staff was able to forge stronger bonds within departments at Sagicor since we were all from varying departments and create awareness and interest of Carifin among our friends and family. As an individual, I felt honored and appreciated since I had one hundred support from my team and organization. If anyone was supposed to ask the meaning of teamwork and team spirit, I will reflect on my experience at Ms. Carifin 2017.

An interview with Cherisse Oliver after winning 2017 – Aerobics competition –  Click to see


Hear what CariFin Games Aerobics Champion has to say after taking on a high quality field at Central Bank plaza on Wednesday 03, 2017 at 5.30 p.m. and was the last person standing after 1hour 10 minutes of rigorous aerobics competition. At the end she established herself as the toughest, fittest, exponent of the aerobics genre within the financial services sector. I will like to present Cherisse Oliver of Sagicor our Aerobics champion 2017. Again I am asking for your support and to show your love and appreciation to our new champion by liking, commenting, sharing and viewing. She is also the Ms. CariFin representative for Sagicor…so show your support and comment. I am looking for 1500 views, 50 likes, 25 shares and 75 comments…… lets show some Fun, Fitness and Friendship support for Ms. Oliver….. Our new aerobics champion!