Beat your time

Beat your 2009 time. It’s all about you!

CariFin is all about you the individual taking personal responsibility for your own level of fitness and personal well-being through these events. The Urban Challenge is meant to be… warm – up events to get the individual participants to an appreciable level of fitness where they could take on the uneven terrain at Sevilla golf course. The men have to run 3 laps and the women 2. This is why the 4 events making up the Urban Challenge is important as it offers a way for you to gauge your level of progress and fitness as we prepare for the big event at Sevilla.

The Urban Challenge is all about you the individual managing where you want to be on the totem pole of inter-financial fitness ranking. You may check your 2009 race times by visiting the website – Odysseytiming results page and see what time you did last year. Based on this information you decide what you want your 2010 target will be. As an example, you could decide on what time you want to accomplish for the One Lap Savannah after checking out your 2009 result and set a reasonable target for 2010 and, then you may, design a schedule to take you to that mark come Wednesday April 21, 2010. Make every effort to keep that schedule.

It is imperative to include long runs in your schedule to build a stamina base; it should also have interval, hill, strength and tempo training included. Keep up to date, read more about the sport, check out sites like Runner’s World, see what the international champions are doing in terms of performance. Some other website you should be checking is the IAAF site for all their previews and reviews as well as result and tips. Let’s Run is another site to book mark for results, interviews and video. In your planning get hold of a schedule of local events, check out the local Road Runners or Odesseytiming website. Additionally, run some of the road races, do some hikes for stamina, do some beach running, join a gym or do some weight training. Make sure you mark the date of your own institution road race if it usually organizes one.

The idea I am getting at is to keep on challenging yourself as it is not necessarily about winning or beating the next person but it is about you improving on your last attempt.  It is all about what you want and how much effort and time you want to spend on your own fitness. Note, at about this time, you would realize that mental focusing and mental preparation are important to set yourself apart from the next person who is just running for running sake. It is all about you so we expect to see your time improve over that of last year’s.

You are smart and intelligent and understand how these things work!

Okay guys, it was nice communicating with you, give me a call any time you want to discuss any topic (487 9487) or email me at . I will be looking to see what level of improvement we have this year.

Good Luck!!