bigger size

Should we have a category for bigger size people?

To do well in CariFin and in particular the urban is not an easy challenge. It not like when we just start 19 years ago and the naturally talented or you happen to be involved in the sport of running or aerobics you would win and maybe dominate. CariFin Urban challenge has an appeal and attraction that have cause participants to move from the casual position of weekend warriors or the off and on kind of participants to adopt a strict regimen of discipline, in sometimes year round activities.

This is a point we must recognize and we must reward the people who make the effort who improve, who come up to you and say, “I am going to train and come back and surprise you next year.”

That is the power of an event that has survived over the years to try to serve the needs of the staff of the participating institutions. That is mainly about staff satisfaction. When a staff member does well within the categories we have establish we recognize and honour these people through our various media. We give them a prize, a token, the recognition of an interview via, newsletter, blog, video or audio. At least we create a space for them to have and give them a bit of bragging rights among friends and colleagues.

It all about staff satisfaction, it’s all about recognition. This year I have seen a number of participants taking part in CariFin Urban Challenge that suggest to me as I have suggested to committee that we should have a criteria or category for people of certain weight. In triathlon they have the cydale category… The Biggest Loser competition have brought to our attention the need to create a space for big people to compete to be a part of everyday competition to give them a chance to challenge themselves, a chance to set goals to lose some weight. And this category could be very exciting and fun.

We should of work to put in place this category to cater for our bigger friends. This would of help us to help then in ways we have not dream of as yet. But firstly the participants this year who wish to get involved in this category would have to have their weight taken prior to the start of the series like at the one Lap Savannah. And the best of say the participants over 185 for the women and over 200 lbs for the men would qualify for a prize structure.

The weight registered this year would of being used to determine “the biggest loser” for next year.
What do you think should we introduce such a category? Do you think we could help or have a part to play in weight loss process of people in the financial services sector by offer this opportunity, categories for people to compete but at the end of the day we would be creating another categories of stars and winners just as or bigger than our overall or age-group categories. It gets my vote. What do you say? I see this having other spin offs and it look good. What is your opinion?  I would really like to hear you’re your take on this as we try to meet the needs of the levels of participants in the industry.

For one I will like to offer some special prizes for this special group of tryers.