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Five is the lucky number at Green Mile; Harrikissoon makes it 5 straight while Republic Bank women ‘walk’ away from the competition


IMG_2422A short downpour just after four yesterday afternoon seemingly did little to deter the participants of the CariFin Games’ Green Mile event, as hundreds dashed away their formal attire to vie for top honours inside the Sand Track of the Queen’s Park Savannah.

The Green Mile was the second event of this year’s CariFin games –with the One Lap Savannah event running off two weeks ago-. By the time the dust had settled, two male competitors were basking in back-to-back wins while there was a sweeping victory for one financial institution in the female category.

Many of the competitors from the various institutions went through their final paces and stretches before things got underway, while others preferred to have a short chit-chat before their brisk run or a walk. The goal still remained for most though, and that was getting across the finish line first, or in a good time at least!

If any male competitors had a 25th anniversary surprise planned for Deodath Harrikissoon or IMG_8888Abijah Phillip, then those plans were quickly thwarted, as both men showed great form and speed en route to their respective victories. For Harrikissoon, it was extra special, as he marked the 25th anniversary of the CariFin Games with his fifth consecutive triumph in a ‘walking’ event. The evergreen Harrikissoon proved a bit too sharp for the chasing pack as he briskly walked to the finish line in a time of 9:54. Second-placed Jade Camps and third-placed Clement Jubrajsingh desperately tried to keep up with Harrikissoon, but the First Citizens Bank employee had a date with destiny. Jubrajsingh and Camps have been worthy opponents for Harrikissoon in the past, but yesterday the latter got the edge.

With walking form like that, competitors might be wondering if Harrikissoon nabs some extra practice by sleepwalking at night.

Phillip, a Republic Bank employee, impressively brushed aside the efforts of his challengers as he sped to the line in a winning time of 5:30. Phillip was closely followed by First Citizens’ Keston Gabriel, who finished in a time of 5:32, while Guardian Group’s Kris Deonanan rounded off the top three with a time of 5:39. Phillip is now building up some momentum following his One Lap Savannah win, and should be the favourite for the Chancellor Hill run as well.

IMG_2461Scotiabank’s Laverne Evelyn was not to be outdone on the women’s side of things, as she finished her Green Mile run in a time of 6:37. Evelyn went one better than her One Lap Savannah finish and completed the race 24th overall. Guardian Group’s Jileta Candace Landeau finished second in a time of 6:45, while Chelsea-Anne Phillip of Central Bank finished third in a time of 6:48.

Getting back to the topic of walking, the female staff at Republic Bank Limited may have been paying particular attention to Harrikissoon’s technique over the years, as their group remarkably teamed up to grab the first five spots in the women’s walking race. Not one, not two, but five.

Aliya Henry was the trendsetter for the Republic women yesterday. Henry strode over the line in a time of 10:51, just under a minute behind Harrikissoon, and good enough for eight overall in the ‘walking’ event. Tessa Weekes quickly followed her Republic teammate with a time of 10:53, while Keshona George, Christine Villafana and La Toya George IMG_8872rounded off an impressive top five sweep for Republic.

The clean sweep by the women in the ‘walking’ event, coupled with another Phillip victory, set the stage for a boisterous chant from the Republic Bank crew at the end of the day’s activities.

The Republic team will surely be looking to take their momentum up Chancellor Hill, while their bosses will hope that the female staff doesn’t threaten a ‘walkout’ anytime soon.


RSCN0421My name is Roneil Walcott and I am happy to be a member of the CariFin team for 2016. I am currently doing a Mass Communication degree at COSTAATT but sport is where my real passion lies. With the 25 th edition of the CariFin games well underway, I am hoping to provide my very best content for the remainder of the events. My aim is to give readers and CariFin participants alike witty and enjoyable coverage that will have them eagerly anticipating the next CariFin event. I do hope that you enjoy my posts and have a blast at CariFin 2016 as well!



Financial Sector gears up for 1 mile.

Abijah Phillip tries to make his mark twice in a row

Wendy D’Arbasie hopes to continue in her dominance


Wendy DarbasieOn Wednesday April 27th, 2016 at 5.00pm, the Sand Track inside the Queen’s Park Savannah will come alive with the fastest walkers and runners from 10 financial institutions as they gear up for the 2nd competitive event at the CariFin Games 2016 25th Anniversary.  The 2nd leg of a 4 part event, Runners and Walkers will be striving not just for the applause of their friends and bragging rights at the event of the day but also personal points to go towards the best overall walking and running champion.   Ms. CariFin representatives as well as senior staff members from all participating institutions will come together for some friendly rivalry and healthy competition at this event.

Phillip took the 1 Lap Savannah for RBL Bank and had not just his Independence Sq. Branch celebratingJ Joseph but the whole of RBL in jubilation.

D’Arbasie of CBTT returned to CariFin after 2 years taking the 1st place win with a time of 15.31. It would be interesting to see if she could maintain this dominance in the shorter/faster 1 mile distance to bring it home to team CBTT.

Walker Deodath Harrikisson is looking to write himself in the CariFin Hall of Fame by going for 5 consecutive wins in the Games.  Could he keep the momentum? Could he stand up to the pressure of the competition and bringing glory to First Citizens?

RBC Royal Bank has Hazel Tywang-Maharaj to thank for winning the female walking race after a 4 year hiatus keeping RBC Royal Bank in the headlines.

The Financial Services Sector participants of CariFin Games 2016 will be abuzz with excitement and momentum as the members participate, show off their trademark, display their energy and spirit of the games by chanting their slogans and waving their flags in an effort to capture the champion trophy of the CariFin Games 2016.

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May 5, 2015

Repeat Performers excite at CariFin Games Green Mile! O’Neal, Russell and Henry repeated their number one performances, Jade Camps and Harrikissoon cross the finish line together in the same time. Port of Spain, Tuesday, may 05, 2015.  The excitement and drama in CariFin Games continued with the Green Mile on Wednesday April 29, 2015 at the […]

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