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Beat your 2009 time. It’s all about you!

CariFin is all about you the individual taking personal responsibility for your own level of fitness and personal well-being through these events. The Urban Challenge is meant to be… warm – up events to get the individual participants to an appreciable level of fitness where they could take on the uneven terrain at Sevilla golf course. The men have to run 3 laps and the women 2. This is why the 4 events making up the Urban Challenge is important as it offers a way for you to gauge your level of progress and fitness as we prepare for the big event at Sevilla.

The Urban Challenge is all about you the individual managing where you want to be on the totem pole of inter-financial fitness ranking. You may check your 2009 race times by visiting the website – Odysseytiming results page and see what time you did last year. Based on this information you decide what you want your 2010 target will be. As an example, you could decide on what time you want to accomplish for the One Lap Savannah after checking out your 2009 result and set a reasonable target for 2010 and, then you may, design a schedule to take you to that mark come Wednesday April 21, 2010. Make every effort to keep that schedule.

It is imperative to include long runs in your schedule to build a stamina base; it should also have interval, hill, strength and tempo training included. Keep up to date, read more about the sport, check out sites like Runner’s World, see what the international champions are doing in terms of performance. Some other website you should be checking is the IAAF site for all their previews and reviews as well as result and tips. Let’s Run is another site to book mark for results, interviews and video. In your planning get hold of a schedule of local events, check out the local Road Runners or Odesseytiming website. Additionally, run some of the road races, do some hikes for stamina, do some beach running, join a gym or do some weight training. Make sure you mark the date of your own institution road race if it usually organizes one.

The idea I am getting at is to keep on challenging yourself as it is not necessarily about winning or beating the next person but it is about you improving on your last attempt.  It is all about what you want and how much effort and time you want to spend on your own fitness. Note, at about this time, you would realize that mental focusing and mental preparation are important to set yourself apart from the next person who is just running for running sake. It is all about you so we expect to see your time improve over that of last year’s.

You are smart and intelligent and understand how these things work!

Okay guys, it was nice communicating with you, give me a call any time you want to discuss any topic (487 9487) or email me at . I will be looking to see what level of improvement we have this year.

Good Luck!!


A Glance at 2010

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A Glance at 2010

CariFin is poised to rocket into 2010 – as one of the most exciting years in inter-financial institution activities we have ever seen for a long time. Some very interesting scenarios face us and I would like to review it at this time as I take a look into my crystal ball. (no pun intended)

First of all 2010 is set up nicely and it’s full of expectation because of the pretty good
year we had in 2009. My gaze into the crystal ball – shows that Nikosi Mc Leish would go unchallenged in the Urban Challenge as well as CariFin cross country 2010 unless he is injured. He could win all three running events in the urban challenge, but the overall Urban Challenge champion could elude him because of his obvious weakness in aerobics.
The question has to be asked where the challenge to Nikosi’s throne would come from. The crystal ball is quite hazy about this – there are no clear images – just some cloud like images.

Anyhow I would make a guess and let you ponder on the following question.
Could the experience and cunning Gilford Mornix of GHL show the discipline and consistency necessary to dedicate the time needed and stick to the training to fire up those rusty muscle fibers? All he needs to do is let his running DNA just remember how it was in the days of yore when he ruled the town to bring him close or even closer to dethroning Nikosi, and so, present a threat or some bother to the Nikosi who is probably on the verge to set a legacy of 4 cross country wins this year at Sevilla.

Another scenario would be the threat from the First Citizen’s rival (friendly rivalry) from a younger brasher warrior with the glib of words – who sound the warning some month before at the CariFin prize distribution – “I will do my best to upset Mr. Mc Leish in 2010!”  This was the young Jean Marc de Boulet of First Citizens at CariFin Prize Distribution at Central Bank. But it is not the first time that a First Citizens’ man has made predictions to do something big in CariFin for the following year. Do you remember, Keston Gabriel who made a prediction he would win the 2009 CariFin cross country at the end of the Green Mile in 2008 only to fizz out with a no show for 2009?  I state all this to say that it would be up to Stanley Butcher, Jean Marc, the marketing department and the family of First Citizens to at least make sure that something is in motion … that some organization and training plan is in the works.
There is of course one other scenario – where some other new talent could join the financial services sector and kick some butt.

Overall the fitness and racing experience of the top 10 men and women
should be more competitive in 2010.  In the CBTT camp Shawn Edwards and Esla Anthony are training for the CLICO marathon, John Donaldson of GRACE Kennedy is actively training for TTUTA and the CLICO 5K. In the GHL camp the effervescent Melissa Berkeley is in training for CLICO marathon after a bit of inactivity due to injury also from GHL is Jade Camps.  Other people would be training for the TTUTA 10K and CLICO 5K and races in between.

CariFin cross country is projected for June 06, 2010 that gives us 6 months to prepare for the cross country event.  The torch Run and Urban Challenge propose start time is in April. (See full listing of propose dates for CariFin games 2010).  That gives you a whole 12 weeks to get in some kind of intense training and decent shape.

From the female prospective things aren’t that clear cut like the male and it has been that way for a while. There have not been one person dominating for years, there have been a steady exchange of positions in this category which is good and I foresee it happening for a while. My look into the crystal ball does show me some vague things, moving figures that some how suggest that movement among the top 10 rank would continue in the musical chairs.

Crystal Ann Awai burst on the scenes last year with some phenomenal performances; hardly anyone (outside of GHL) knew she was that competitive, being a back ground person by her own admission. So when the dust cleared in the Queen’s Park Savannah for the One Lap Savannah in 2009 and she emerged as number one among the women it was a lovely surprise to most.  Another GHL female athlete (Melissa Berkely) was expected to show her talent in 2009. That was based on the fact that see seemed poise to do some good things in 2009 but injury sidelined her and she had only been able to keep abreast of what is taking place via the blog, video and audio podcast, Facebook, youtube and Flicker. The word out is that Melissa Berkeley is planning a come back in 2010.

In 2007 we had another female runner who had position herself to take off in the following year – 2008, but injury kept her from active participation in CariFin. I am talking about Vernatta Sandiford of Central Bank– the grapevine has it that she is seriously looking forward to the inter-financial rivalry of CariFin. So the lineup for the women could be the most exciting in 2010 as we await the return of Vernetta and Melissa come 2010.

Another female to fancy her chances is Mumtaz Amarali of Republic Bank; Mumtaz has been consistent in CariFin occupying number 3 spots quite frequently and is always a favorite or respective contender in any inter-financial running or aerobic activity.

Of course, a competitor that we should not rule out is Wendy D’arbasie if she is motivated enough she can add some spice and flavor to the competition.
A look below at the one Lap Savannah times for the last 4 years shows she has one of the best times for this event:
•    2006 – 17:31 – Wendy D’arbasie
•    2007 – 18:01 – Vernetta Sandiford
•    2008 – 18:51 – Leah Ann Benjamin
•    2009 – 18:58 – Crystal Ann Awai

Finally, coming out of the CBTT camp is Esla Anthony who had a good race for UWI half and is in training for CLICO Marathon.  Adding her to the mix in the female category it would be a lot of anticipation and excitement as the gates open.

With three months before the propose start date of CariFin Games 2010
This would allow for some good solid training time.