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Jump for Joy!

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1st place representing Team CBTT – Esla Anthony (Center)
2nd and 3rd repping for Team Sgicor are Cherisse Oliver (Left)
and Jennine Garcia-Ali (Right). Jumping for joy…

CariFin Aerobics Top 3 Winners


Sagicor’s own Adona Joseph takes CariFin Aerobics female title whiles RBL Stephan Thomas walks away with the men’s title.

Joseph defeated a field of approximately 135 of the best practitioners that the financial services sector has to offer for some 58 grueling minutes to come out on top as the last person standing to be crowned the CariFin aerobics champion for 2015. Among the men it wasn’t an easy task for 1st timer to this competition Stephan Thomas who had to battle a knee injury and withstand consistent onslaught from the male competitors to eventually win.

Port of Spain, Tuesday May 11, 2015.  The 4th event of an 8-event card – CariFin Games 2015, the Aerobics Burnout took place at the Queen’s Park Savannah opposite TGI. At 5.15 pm members of the financial services sector replace their office wear for the more comfortable aerobic gear to see who will win the title of the CariFin aerobics burnout. Even during the mandatory 10 minutes warm-up it was action all the way with people walking off within the 10 minutes warm up time. Steadily people was given warnings for constant display of poor form, mistiming or burning out. The runners, (the officials) who was giving the warnings had a busy evening counting out errant performers. There was 3 instructors Thorne Fernandez, Gerard Alfonzo and Ayoka Carter Marshall, which is some of the best the industry has to offer, yet they had the participants busy as they interchange from instructor to instructor after 3 to 5 minutes intervals.

Adona_Joseph“I am so ecstatic about winning the aerobic burnout. Winning was also a fulfilling experience especially coming into the competition knowing that I was coming up against Falomi Marcano of First Citizens who won the title for a number of years consecutively. It was somewhat intimidating at first but I am happy that my determination overpowered my fears. I am happy to represent my company Sagicor and even more so to have Sagicor go down in CariFin history.” This is how Adona felt after taking the title. The competition came down to the last 3 participants 2 women and 1 man (Stephan Thomas, Falomi Marcano and Adona Joseph). Stephan Thomas went at 52.58 with intense pain in his knee leaving the 2 women to settle the deal.

It was a hard two way battle between the former triple title winner Falomi_MarcanoFalomi Marcano and Adona Joseph with the 3 aerobic instructors rotating positions on faster sequence to test their endurance, stamina, flexibility and strength. Finally, Marcano was presented with her final warning at 57.00 and the Sagicor camp erupted along with Joseph as they celebrated Sagicor 1st victory at CariFin Games Aerobics Burnout. In 3rd place was Cindy Manson from Guardian Group in 51.39.

Stephan_FieldsThe top 3 in the men was a keen competition between Sheldon Fields of UTC who defaulted out at 49.40 this left former champion Keiron Hart of First citizens the 2013 champion and 1st timer Stephan Thomas of RBL Bank to see who would wear the crown. Luckily for Thomas, Hart got his 3rd warning at 51.39 as Thomas aching knee could take the pressure and abuse no more from the grueling competition and was glad to give up actually soon after that in a time about 52.00 minutes.

Next event is on Saturday May 16, 2015 will be the CariFin All FoursKeiron_Hart Tournament at Guardian Building, 1 Guardian Drive, Westmoorings from 2.00 pm

We would like to thank the following sponsors who have supported us so far. Bluewaters the official water of the games. Subway, Brixel Design Studio, Unicom, Lezama Electrical, TATEC Limited and Topmark Limited.

The CariFin Games main objective is the promotion of health and fitness among the staff of the Financial Services sector, creating closer networking, friendship and camaraderie and that competitive spirit in sports.

The nine teams participating in CariFin Games this year are:
First Citizens
Grace Kennedy
Guardian Group
IBL Bank
Republic Bank
Unit Trust Corporation


carifin Burnout 2014

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CariFin Burnout 2014

Every year at the Aerobics burnout a fantastic show and display of great athleticism and coordination take place. So don’t miss it!

Grab a front row seat. The big question to be answered is can Ms. Falomi Marcano of First Citizens do the unbelievable and walk away with this title 4 years in a row.  (Can she hit the ball out of the park?)

falomi-MarcanoThe teams on show like Scotiabank, Guardian Group, Sagicor, Republic Bank, etc. Has some good proponents of the sport of aerobics, but can they offer any real competition to Marcano or would she be allowed free reign on this title for yet another year.

She got to keep the trophy last year and it seem her name would be etched on the new trophy for the aerobics burnout for 2014. Last year, another one of the great aerobic practitioners of the past returned and gave Marcano a run for her money in the competition, but Mumtaz Amaralli had to settle for 2nd place as Maracano seemed unbeatable. Another year has past, could the distractions of life had gotten to her, taken away her focus and attention, or has she taken the competition for granted and has sat on her laurels. Is there a chink in her armor, some weak point that could be exploited by the competition. Could there be some wobble in her wheels after over a year of travel on them, some weakness may have stepped in because of lack of attention to strength training. Come Wednesday opposite TG.I at the Queen’s Park Savannah at 5.00 pm and see the finest display of aerobics competition in Trinidad and Tobago.



Aerobics Burnout ’12

May 30, 2012

32 minutes in the event. This took place Wednesday May 23, 2012 at the Central Bank Plaza.

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