CariFin aerobics 2018

The Aerobics Burnout … It’s one of our most emotional and exciting (Urban Event) because it is a closed capture event has a lot of emotional impact and excitement …. (sports is all about emotions)
It usually goes a little over an hour.
It brings out a lot of emotions and energy for the teams that win and place as well as the individuals
Don’t miss the “R U Fan Enough!” competition where the actual fans bring points to the table for their teams…. (come out and support!)
Also, Ms CariFin would be on show….. a first glimpse of what Miss CariFin participants would do in competition on the Family Day.
Be part of this most important event and get an insight as to how probably the most sought after the event on the family day would pan out…. Calling all true FANS to come out and support your team and Miss CariFin representative.

This event is Tomorrow (04/04/2018) at 5.00 p.m.