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CariFin All Fours on CNC3…. catch the action!


Posted by CNC3 Television, Trinidad and Tobago on Wednesday, May 24, 2017


UTC celebrates 1st win at CariFin Games All Fours Tournament

UTC faced off with team JMMB in a hard fought final to decide who would be the CariFin champions at all fours for 2015


Team UTC celebrates CariFin All Fours Victory

There was an air of excitement that pervaded the atmosphere of the 24rd Edition CariFin Games All Fours competition as excited players representing teams from the participating institutions of the financial services sector came together to see who has the top players in All Fours (a national card game of Trinidad and Tobago.) From table to table sounds punctuated the air with expressions of excitement and celebration as players gain favorable positions on their opponents. The room at the Atrium located at the Guardian Group building, 1 Drive West mooring, on Saturday May 16, 2015 was not without the flurry of words like, hang jack, trump, ace that you would expect from a tournament like this and there was many coming from tables all around. “I really enjoyed myself at this event above all else so far.” was the feelings of Tesson – Event Manager for the Games.

“It felt great to win after overcoming all the odds in the finals. Being 4 nil down in a best of 9 series is a very difficult task to overturn. I am very proud of the overall performance of my team and we are looking forward to defending our title at the next CariFin All Fours Tournament.”

UTC’s All Fours team captain Darin Ramroop was happy about his team’s success at CariFin All Fours tournament coming from 4 down situation was no easy task and it shows the team competitive spirit, their sense of purpose and leadership to be able to rebound from an apparent loss and turn it to victory. UTC was able somehow to win its last 3 matches with JMMB losing a hard fought final to take runner up position. Team UTC was represented by Jamila Phillip-Charles, Crystal Noel, Sheldon Fields, Anton Manswell Bashiri De Graff, Darin Ramroop, Calvin Felician and Jomo Wilson.


Rajiv Soomarie JMMB – Team Captain

This year’s format as well as the venue came up for praise from the teams; the 8 teams were divided into 2 groups, that way they were able to play more matches than the traditional knockout format.

My team was pleased with the day, it was a fine outing and we played unbeaten until we were conquered in the final round by UTC, said team captain of the JMMB team – Rajiv Soomarie. The tournament started at 2.00 pm and went all the way to 10.30 pm

The next event is the cricket and football tournament slated to take place



All Fours Update

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Tournament Rules are attached for your guidance.

 Please also see fixtures below:


Citibank  vs    RBC Royal Bank Limited

First Citizens Bank (Team 1) vs         Republic Bank Limited

Scotiabank T & T Limited      vs         First Citizens Bank (Team 2)

Guardian Holdings Limited  vs         Inter Commercial Bank Limited (Team 1)

Central Bank T & T Limited  vs         Inter Commercial Bank Limited (Team 2)


The game starts promptly at 2pm so all players must be seated by 1.50pm.

Please note the following:

1)      Any team not present on the day will lose by default.

2)      Any team that does not have all 3 tables by 2pm will be allowed a 10 minutes grace period.

3)      A team may start the tournament after the 10 minutes grace period, with a minimum of two tables.

4)      Thereafter, any table that does not have the required players will lose a bullseye every 10 minutes.  However, once half an hour has passed the opposing team will be granted all 5 bullseyes for that absent table.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.  Feel free to call me with enquires at 625-4411 Ext. 3481.



The All Fours and Cricket Rules

May 17, 2011

Hi everybody the CariFin Games Cricket, Football and All Fours takes place on Saturday May 21, 2011. All of the   CariFin participating teams have registered teams in all three disciplines. The Action starts at 9.00 am. We are asking teams to please reach on time so we can comfortably run off all the events. This […]

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