CariFin Cricket Competition

Cricket rules

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Rules for Carifin Cricket Competition

Big_cricketer23rd May 2015

  • Each team must consist of seven (7) players.
  • To start a game, a team must have at least four (4) players, one of which must be a woman. No team is allowed to take the field without a woman on the team.
  • Each team must consist of at least one (1) female player during the match and on the field at all times- if a substitute is being used for a female, that person must also be female.
  • Maximum over’s per innings consist of seven (7) over’s each.
  • Each player must pelt/bowl at least one over.
  • One(1) over must be bowled (ROUND ARM ACTION)
  • One (1) over must be bowled/pelt by a female member during the match. The female bowler is not mandated to bowl or pelt. This is at the discretion of the player.
  • When the female over is being bowled, THE BATSMAN MUST REVERSE HIS BATTING STANCE. The female stance remains the same.
  • Only one fielder permitted on the grass during the first five (5) over’s per innings except during the power play over (See rule 15). After which only two fielders are allowed on the grass.
  • Any ball hit plumb over the fence is given six (6) and
  • If the ball goes through the fence or touches the fence and goes over it is given as four (4) and not out.
  • Byes and Leg Byes are legal in this competition.
  • Wides and No balls consist of one (1) run and any additional run is taken. A front foot no ball results in a “FREE-HIT.” Standard rules for a free hit, inclusive of not out if hitting over fence.
  • In cases of any form of obstruction, the normal cricket rules apply.
  • The batting team can choose a POWER PLAY OVER (1) between the Forth & Sixth Over. During that Power Play no fielders are permitted on the grass and you CANNOT be OUT hitting over the FENCE.
  • Each team is given a maximum of thirty minutes (30) to complete their allotted overs.
  • Should a game be rained out but after the time rain ceases allowing play to continue, a three (3) over – one bowled, one over by woman and one pelt with no field restrictions (rules stated above for over fence continues to apply) will decide winner. If the rain out occurs in the finals and there be no way to play a full length game, organizers must try for a five over, then 3 over super game. Should both options not be possible, joint winners will be the result.
  • Umpires decision is final.


Cricket Tournament

Dindial Ramrattan

Dindial Ramrattan

Dindial Ramrattan of Central Bank is managing the cricket tournament on behalf of the CariFin Games organizing committee and this is the guide line he put out to run the tournament.

1.    All teams are required to confirm participation by the 21st May, 2012. This confirmation will simply be done by responding to this e-mail (please reply all so that all members will be aware of the teams involved).

2.    A random grouping will be created on 23rd  May, 2012. The format of this grouping will be discussed as we go along.

3.    The fixtures will be provided by 24th May, 2012. Any discrepancies and changes will only be considered up until lunch time on the 25th of May, 2012.

4.    The competition will be played on the 26th May, 2012.

In addition, following some future discussions, the rules will be sent to all captains early next week once confirmation of participation is provided. However, please be aware of the following rules in advance of confirmation:

1.    Once fixtures are drawn up, ALL TEAM CAPTAINS are required to be present for a coin toss 15 minutes prior to start time. Failure to do so will lead to the team in default losing the game.

2.    Once the toss has been taken ALL TEAMS must be present within 5 minutes of the toss. Failure to do so will lead to the team in default losing the game.

3.    The organisers will not wait to begin the tournament. The teams involved in the first two (2) scheduled games must be present at the designated start of the day. The teams involved in the scheduled first game will be only granted a 15 minutes grace period. Should a team not be present they will lose by default.

4.    The teams involved in the second game will be given a half an hour (30 minute) grace period. Should a team not be present they will lose by default.

5.    The time of toss will coincide with the end of the previous game. Should a game complete early, the rules are structured to allow for utilisation of this time. However, should a game finish 20 minutes early, the umpires must wait till 15 minutes before the start of the other game to take the toss. Thus, If game is scheduled to end at 10:50am with the other scheduled to start at 11:00am. However, the game finishes early at 10:30am. The umpires must wait till 10:45 am to take toss and the teams have to begin play at 10:50am.


Download a copy of the Carifin Cricket RULES