CariFin cross country winner 2015

Adona Joseph

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Adona_Joseph A Profile of Adona Joseph

ADONA JOSEPH representing Team SAGICOR


1 Lap Savannah               18.19   (2nd)

Green Mile                         7.19    (2nd)

Chancellor Challenge       16.18   (1st)

Aerobics Burnout              58.00 (1st)

Sevilla Cross Country       25.41  (1st)
Her feelings after the winning the Cross Country race

‘Talk about a challenge!’ My first year competing in the Cross Country Run and I must say it was quite challenging. I was told of the undulating terrain of the course and so in preparation for the event, my teammates and I ran a couple days in the Savannah Hollows just to get an idea of what to expect. I must say, this was quite misleading as the Sevilla Golf Course was 10 times more intense but this also made my victory a fulfilling one. I always knew that I had a lot of stamina but I never thought that I would have accomplished so much in  the Carifin Games 2015. I thank Sagicor for the opportunity to represent the company and I must also say a heartfelt thank you to my teammates for all their encouragement and support. I look forward to 2016.


Adona Joseph is a talented athlete who is goal oriented and has a warm and friendly personality. She took 3 first places in this year’s games namely Chancellor Challenge, the Aerobics Burnout and Sevilla cross country run and was 2nd in 1 Lap Chancellor and the Green Mile respectively.

Congrats Adona and we look forward to seeing you achieve much more and make a name for you and your institution in CariFin.