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Congratulations go out to Ms. Natalie Thomas on placing second in the CARIFIN Cross Country Female, hails from the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, putting another financial institution on the road to victory in CARIFIN games. With interviewing Ms. Thomas, she highlights what she does to win as well as what we can look for from her in CARIFIN 2018.

  1. What is your background in sports and running in particular?

“Well basically, it started off recreationally and then it got serious. For me, training now takes up 90% of my free time.”

  1. And how many hours or minutes do you devote into running per week?

“I run six (6) days for the week, which sums to about 300 minutes per week”.

  1. And are you more of an aerobics and strength athlete or a runner?

“That’s a complicated question. I would tell you why. After most of my running is done on most days, I usually do additional strength training for about 1-1.5 hours.

  1. You took second spot among the females for the cross-country, a surprise performance on the day. This is your highest placing in CARIFIN Games. Describe your training coming in for the cross country, was it more speed training, endurance, strength or combination?

“I trained to build endurance to help with my uphill running and  for speed I used multiple techniques to prepare for the downhills in the course . So yes, there has been a combination of strength, speed and endurance training.”

  1. And how would you describe your feelings crossing the cross-country finish line in 2nd place, giving you your highest placement in CARIFIN and giving the team CBTT its highest placing in the event?

Coming into the race, I remember my trainer drilling into me that I can actually place second. Because of that, I had in the back of my mind the whole race. I kept my eye on Christine Regis, the first-place winner and I made sure I was behind her and I let nobody come between us and I kept pushing and that is how I placed second. It was overwhelming to know that what I actually set out to do at the beginning of the race, I accomplished at the end.”

  1. You missed the “One Lap Savannah, were you sick or out of the country?”

“I was actually out of the country. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I was highly disappointed I missed it, but hopefully next year if nothing comes up during that time, I will definitely be in attendance.”

  1. And how would you describe your participation in CARIFIN 2017?

As an athlete, I was involved in most of the running activities. My aim was to represent my company in these activities to ensure my team (CBTT) had the most points.

  1. And what is next for you, Ms. Natalie Thomas, in 2017 and what can we expect for you in CARIFIN 2018?

Well in CARIFIN 2018, I hope to get to do the Savannah One Lap. I hope I get to retain my title and better myself and exceed my time. I guess that sums it up for my expectations for CARIFIN 2018.

So as you can see Ladies and Gentleman, besides Dory the fish, from Finding Nemo where she says “Just keep swimming” we can learn from Ms. Thomas to not only train our bodies for physical activities but also our minds to achieve the target. It takes baby steps first before you can take big steps to achieve your goals. Sometimes, of course, we need a motivating factor, our trainer, our parents, a friend a quote or a complete stranger. Ms. Thomas’ motivating factor was not only her coach but someone who got first place and she used a method to attain second place. Perhaps for CARIFIN 2018 we look forward to Ms. Thomas participating in the Queen’s Park Savannah One Lap, achieving 1st place in most, if not all of her events and placing Central Bank in a higher spot than before.