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Fun, fitness and friendship is alive and real.
Browsing thorough the pictures from CariFin 2010 I am amazed by some of the scenes that unfold before my very eyes! Looking at the first day at the One Lap Savannah event
I am seeing some of the most amazing sights. People of varying sizes, weights and levels of fitness, p of different ethnicities coming together under the umbrella of fun, fitness and friendship celebrating life and fitness.

I can’t help not seeing it in all its glory, unfolding as a creation of the CariFin committee and the financial services industry, and not be passionate about the events, the cause and the movement. This urges me on to do my very best to make sure that there is an avenue or a platform that the members of the financial sector could look forward to annually to express themselves through fun, fitness and friendship.

The event is growing up. This is its 20th year. The Committee and the CariFin community will have to work out the kinks to make a more mature product. We will listen to the main stake holders as we move forward to understand today’s needs that are different from those of 1991.
More importantly we must find a way to highlight the achievement of the people who have kept the CariFin flag flying through its many trials and tribulations over the years. So, if you have an idea or suggestion regarding this, please let us know

The cause was always to promote a more active, healthier lifestyle, where individuals would be encouraged and motivated through the activities and programs put on by CariFin to implement a regimen of fitness in their lives that would bring about wellness and balance to their hectic and sometimes stressful lives.

The movement was always to get participating institutions to support the cause and align our initiatives to their wellness programs thereby providing the impetus for motivation and growth.
To know we could make sense and have relevance to a people in a fast moving world, where change is the only constant thing is quite fascinating. It keeps me moving on and being passionate to work even harder to see that new stars are born, evolve and grow to be crowned with the glory of the CariFin Championship. More importantly to get that succinct message across that we need to take personal responsibility for our health and fitness. It is easy if we pursue an active, more vigorous lifestyle through the concept of fun, fitness and friendship

In 2011 I can see CariFin Games being the “go to place” to find out what your friends and colleagues are doing over the next 3 to 4 months. You get to know whose training, what form they are in, comparisons of last year’s performances and predictions. Also, what wellness program are going on at various institutions. You can check out the comments, the updates, see pictures of your friends or colleagues, be informed as to their performance, hopes and aspira- tions. This can not happen without your help, commitment and involvement, we depend on your feedback and comments as we go along.
Other social networking platforms like Facebook, Flickr, podcasting, Youtube channel, Twitter would be integrated to the CariFin experience to provide the kind of connectivity and networking that we know and love.

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