CariFin Games 1 Lap Savannah

1 Lap Savannah

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Registration for the Carifin Games 1 Lap Savannah is being carried out at a tremendous pace, as walkers and runners from the 8 participating financial institutions are making sure their names are on the database before the closing date on Friday, April 17th, 2015. You won’t have a chance after that to participate in the CariFin Games.

The CariFin Games 1 Lap Savannah event, would take place around the Queen’s Park Savannah starting and finishing opposite TGI.

This event is part of 7 others which comprises the CariFin Games event, each designed to promote a healthier more active lifestyle, personal responsibility for one’s health and fitness, closer connection among the staff of the financial services sector, and friendly rivalry and camaraderie.

There would be walkers and runners. The runners  go first followed by the walkers about 5 minutes after.

The age group for prizes are 20 – 30, 31 – 40, 41 – 50, 50 – 60, and 60 and over. This is a very exciting series with 3 events taking place in Port of Spain, hence the name the “Urban Challenge” which includes the 1 lap savannah, the Green Mile and the Chancellor Challenge.

Up to this stage winners are awarded with hampers and vouchers for the top 3 overall and age – group winners. The final part of the running/walking series take participants to Sevilla golf course for the final event, the Carifin cross country event. Here the top 10 finishers and age groups 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are handsomely rewarded with cash prizes for individual effort, and teams via for the trophies. The male and female cross country champion get to keep for one year the Carifin Challenge trophy.

The 1 lap Savannah promises to be a lot of fun, as people of all levels of fitness, sizes and shapes make sure they are at the starting line when the race start.

CariFin Games is a great gathering point and meeting place for the active members of the financial services sector, as we promote personal responsibility for one’s health and fitness.

Come Wednesday April 22nd 2015, we would witness one of the most exciting and closely fought events so far in the history of the event.

Excitement scenes from 2014 flashes before your mind and you wonder if the finish would be a close encounter, taken down to the wire as the first place is decided.

Could Jedidiah Benjamin of RBC make it 2 straight in a row for the 1 lap savannah? Guardian Group runners would be gunning for him as he is no doubt coming in as the favourite. How could he cope with that kind of pressure that comes with that expectation, hoping he can deliver on the big day? Last year’s female winner Lee Hay would be missing all the fun and action as she would not be running this year, as CITI is not participating, and won’t be having a team in Carifin. So last year’s 2nd place winner Susan Russel would most likely ascent to number 1 at this stage.

Stay tuned, Come out and Witness the first event of the Carifin Games






Jedidiah receiving his trophy

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and First Citizens (FC) won big at the CariFin Games 2014.

RBC’s Jedidiah Benjamin and Susan Russell were the eventual winners of the overall running champion title.

This was the first time Jedidiah competed in the games while Susan had taken a two year hiatus from competition.

Following her victory Susan said she enjoyed meeting people who she interacted with electronically, adding that “this year was one of the toughest in terms of competition, as the strength and abilities of the present crop of runners was more closely matched”.

FC’s Deodath Harrikissoon and Roxanne James took the walking event series aggregating the lowest points along the way.

The athletics competition consists of a One Lap Savannah run around the Queen’s park Savannah, Port of Spain, a run around the Savannah’s sand track (Green Mile), the Chancellor Challenge, an uphill event where participants were asked to run for approximately 2 miles.


Jedidiah competing in CariFin’s cross country event at Sevilla Golf Course,Couva

Finally there was the CariFin cross country event which took place at Sevilla Golf Course in Couva; male athletes are expected to do 3 laps of the course, while females completed two (2) laps.Jedidiah surprised everyone on Wednesday April 09, 2014 by winning the one lap Savannah run and added one point to his tally.

Jedidiah’s victory was no surprise to him as the Savannah was not a new experience.

Guardian Group’s Nathan Patterson took the top spot in the Green Mile on Wednesday April 30, 2014, this meant Jedidiah had to settle for 2nd place and was awarded 2 points.

In the uphill event – Chancellor Challenge which took place on Wednesday May 07, 2014 Jedidiah who had a hamstring injury finish 3rd to Blenman and John Donaldson.

“I was unable to distance myself from the other runners” Jedidiah said following the race.

He took 2nd place behind John Donaldson at the CariFin cross country race on Sunday June 08, 2014 to amass the lowest aggregate points among the men totaling 8 (1+2+3+2).

Ms. Susan Russell - Female Cross Country Winner - CariFin Games 2014

Ms. Susan Russell – Female Cross Country Winner – CariFin Games 2014

For next, the champion plans “to win all the events I participate in especially the cross country event.”

Over the 4 events the female winner, Susan amassed the following points (3+2+2+1) equaling 8 to stave off all challengers to win the honors.

Deodath’s scores are very easy to calculate as he won all 4 of the events in the Challenge Series; this is the 3rd year in succession he has captured this title.

Roxanne took the series Challenge with points of (2+2+2+1) giving her a total of 9 points to claim the series challenge winner for the 1st time.

For those participants who couldn’t make it to Sevilla golf course for the final event of the Series challenge for some reason or the other they would be recognize in the 3 event (Urban Challenge), which took place in Port of Spain.

These events are the 1 Lap savannah, The Green Mile and the Chancellor Challenge.

The best performance coming from those 3 events was from CITI’s Lee Hay she had a very good run in the series with 3 wins or 1st place in those events. In 2nd and 3rd place were Avianne Antoine of Republic Bank and Miguella Nelson of Unit Trust Corporation.

Among the men in the Urban Challenge Tyler Joseph of RBC took 1st place, Gregory Persad of Guardian Group 2nd and Kieron Rocke of First Citizens filled 3rd spot.

The CariFin Games community looked forward to these results very much as they indicate who have excelled over the 4 event series by scoring the lowest aggregate points over the course of those events.

The CariFin Games is the coming together of members of the financial services sector using the power of the work place to promote health and fitness actives in a fun way.

CariFin Games Series Challenge or 4 event challenge offered participants the opportunity to vie for the title of Best overall athlete in the Games and carry home prizes from the series and the top position in the cross country event.


Top Contenders: Defending female champion Wendy D’arbasie is returning to defend; John Donaldson headlining for the male as last year champion not returning.
 2012 Race Start
The financial services sector was bubbling with excitement on Friday April 12, 2013 as they try to meet the deadline for registration. The phones were busy, as people made every effort not to miss the deadline for the 1 Lap Savannah. This event would take place on Wednesday  April 17, 2013 at 5.00 p.m., opposite TGI around the Queen’s Park Savannah. Members of staff of the financial services sector are anticipated to participate in the 22nd Edition of the CariFin Games. Participants are not just excited for the competition but also for the opportunity to meet and greet with other fellow financial sector colleagues whom they may have never met or seen in a long while. All in keeping with the  theme of this year – “Forging friendship through fun and fitness.”

“It is the biggest year I have seen since I am in CariFin,” said Allison Field the coordinator of the registration. “It is important how we manage these numbers in the event.”

Junior Brereton, Scotiabank CariFin representative said “He was in shocked when he saw Scotia’s response as he was anticipating a lower figure. He felt that the torch relay passing in front of their St. James Bank and their team carrying the torch from there generated some excitement and was responsible for the greater response.”

CariFin Games consist of 6 days of competition over a two-month period. The One Lap Savannah is the first competition to start off the Games, with categories for both walkers and runners, male and female and different age groups. These events are design to promote a healthier, more active lifestyle, bringing the financial sectors closer together and encouraging camaraderie among the staff.

Wendy D’arbasie of Central Bank winner of all the female running events in 2012 would be back again to defend her title. The female category could be considered very competitive and D’arbasie could very well have a lot of contenders pushing for that number one spot, which she currently holds. It would be quite interesting how she handles the competition.

Among the men, the one athlete who could shake up the field all by himself, Shane Barran is not on the registration list. Republic Bank would be at a lost without him but, that leaves runners like 2012 cross country winner, John Donaldson of First Citizens and Mark Thomas, of Republic Bank, 1 Lap Savannah winner 2011, to decide who would wear the crown of savannah champion or would Akeem Simon, 2012 1Lap Savannah of CBTT rise to the occasion.

Among the walkers Deodath Harrikissoon of First Citizens looks set to retain his number one position while Carla Questelles Forde also of First Citizens name was missing from the list of registrants. It would be nice to see who among the female walkers would step up to the plate.

The 10 teams participating in CariFin Games this year are:
Agricultural Development Bank
Central Bank
First Citizens
Guardian Holdings Limited
Intercommercial Bank
RBC Royal Bank
Republic Bank
Scotia bank